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11 August 2020 № 368

Services portfolio

«Mozart Wine House» company offers its clients and partners a wide range of services concerning operations with wine.

Creation of wine collection

Organization of wines supply at special prices, providing information on wine market updates, ratings from the leading wine publications.

Private wine collections support: accounting, update, renewal (based on a specially developed computer program which has no analogues in Russia)

Conduct of private and professional thematic «wine» events in our specially equipped auditorium or at your home, in the office — fascinating tastings, educational lectures for amateurs, presentation for friends and partners.

Organization of workshops and corporate trainings for alcohol market specialists, services of a professional sommelier (including visiting appointments).

Supply of equipment for wine storage, wine cellars construction

If you want always to have your wine collection at fingertips, «Mozart Wine House» specialists will select you a professional wine cabinet or will help to build the «right» wine cellar.

Management of vine-growing and wine-making projects

From 2009 the company «Mozart Wine House» offers a set of brand new services in the sphere of work with wine on the regional market — management of vine-growing and wine-making projects

Services on safe wine storage in the company wine cellar

Wine is a living natural product requiring regular care during its storage, but it gives a lot of amazing discoveries when you come into contact with it. Wine storage is similar to parenting, as it also requires strict observance of numerous factors. Temperature, humidity, illumination, vibrations, odors — everything is of the utmost importance during the vintage wine storage.

Elaboration of wine cards for restaurants

Before composition of wine card, the experts of the company carry out the comprehensive degustation of restaurant’s dishes, on that base taste charts of each dish are composed. Taste charts reflect dish structure, its juiciness, saltiness, bitterness, acidity, sweetness, fattiness, tendencies toward certain tastes…

Organization of tourist trips to wine regions

Would you like to visit a real winery, to take part in vintaging and wine producing process, to get in touch with the wines of rare vintage and to shake hands with a well-known winemaker? Then you are on the right track.

Re-corkage of vintage wines with natural cork and rendition of expert opinions

Rare wines intended for a long ageing may require replacement of natural cork. Now vintage wine re-corkage services with natural corks are available to collectors and connoisseurs of wine in Southern Russia. Corkage is realized by experienced experts using special equipment with natural corks of «extra» class from Portugal.

Advice on investing in wine, planning of investment schemes

Investing in wine is a new, interesting and promising type of funds placement which has now become affordable for Russian citizens.