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12 July 2020 № 368


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Welcome to the restaurant «Pinot Noir»!

In this menu you will find dishes full of flavor, esthetics and a variety of textures.
Each dish is made from the highest quality products using different techniques of high French cuisine.
We deliberately offer fairly limited selection of food to ensure freshness and quality of the products.
Enjoy your stay!

Michel Christmann

«Kitchen — is when each product retains its original flavor»
Maurice Edmond Sellan

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Meat dishes

Juicy beef tenderloin, cooked in a classic sauce «beurre escargot»

accompanied by stuffed onions. Served with potatoes muslin, baked garlic and aromatic red wine sauce / 340 gr.

1 095 rub.

Delicate veal cheeks

stewed with fragrant olives, accompanied by a delicate spicy sauce. Served with tomato confit and potatoes in the author's performance of our chef / 360 gr.

 765 rub.

Fillet of quail

stuffed with duck foie gras with truffle and savoy cabbage. accompanied with seasonal vegetables, delicate tapenade of olives and aromatic spicy sauce / 320 gr.

1 165 rub.

Juicy gigot d'agneau

(gigot d’agneau - baked shank of lamb) accompanied by the author's garnish from the eastern dried fruits, seasonal vegetables, nuts and dates. Served with aromatic spicy sauce / 260 gr.

 925 rub.