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27 May 2020 № 368


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Champagne LALLIER: work and passion

Aÿ’s winemaking history dates back almost 1,700 years to the Roman era.  In the 16th century, Henry IV, ”His Majesty of Aÿ and good wine’‘, created the reputation of still white wines from Aÿ throughout his kingdom.
Around two hundred years later, the invention of blending, and the control of secondary fermentation in bottle, gave birth to Champagne, the sparkling wine that we know today.

French Michelin chef Alain Dutournier about food and wine

Two-starred Michelin chef Alain Dutournier talks to Decanter.com at Château La Dominique in St-Emilion about the new wave of Bordeaux winery restaurants - recalling a time when merchants and high society were content to eat noodles with red wine at the city's Quai des Chartrons. Plus, see his ultimate, end-of-the-world wine list.

People who eat meat should be prepared to watch animals being killed and failing to respect the history of the land ‘is a crime’; Michelin chef Alain Dutournier is not short of passionate opinions on the subjects of wine and food, and not afraid to express them.

Biodynamic wines

The theory of biodynamic agriculture is largely based on the theories of anthroposophy developed by Rudolph Steiner in the early-20th century.

The basic premise is to view the vineyard as part of a holistic system, in which the plants and soil make up only two components. Everything from insects, to other large animals living on the land, to the water, to the sun, to the stars and moon, are seen as integrally connected to the health of the vineyard and the grapes themselves. For this reason, biodynamic farming is based on the precise observation and an attempt at balance of nature. So, biodynamic wine is not only 100% organic, in addition, the grower has gone beyond to try to bring the farming process more closely in tune with nature.

Stefano Campedelli: «I have a little allergy to wine guides»

Stefano Campedelli, winemaker and the owner of Azienda Agricola Marion, held a presentation their farms and introduced lovers of noble drinks his products in academy of sommeliers Mozart Wine House.

Ronald Brown from Maverick winery: «Perfect quality and attention to details»

Mr. Ronald Brown had held exciting master class on organic winemaking at the Sommelier Academy Mozart Wine House and introduced Rostov lovers with their great wines.

And he also answered few our questions.

Simple Antinori philosophy

The Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House held the tasting of Antinori wines at the end of June. Brand of Antinori Mr. Filippo Pullishi answered a few questions about his favorite wines and the company which he represents.

Good wine and good ambiance. Ricasolli in Russia

East European Sommelier and Experts Association keeps organizing events with participation of the best world producers of wine and spirits. On the 20th March in the restaurant «Pinot Noir» a meeting with Olalla Lopez-Corona, Area export Manager was presented by a Moscow company «Millenium» and «Mozart Wine House».

Master class transformed into a good conversation between the Italian guest and sommeliers of the restaurant of Rostov-on-Don. Olalla told a lot about Chianti regulations, family castle of Ricasolli and its wines.

Everyone can be a taster

On the 15th of March in the tasting room of the Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House a master class of Bordeaux wines had place. The event was organized by East European Sommeliers and Experts Association together with Perfect company, Moscow. A representative of a French house Sichel, Pavel Gubanov told the auditorium about different activities of the company and presented comparative tasting of 10 samples of wine.

Mozart Wine House couldn’t miss a chance to ask some questions about the latest innovations of French ampelography, work of professional taster and his attitude to oysters.

Moet & Hennessy in Mozart Wine House

On the 12th of March in the Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House a master-class of wines of the group of company Moet & Hennessy organized by East-European Sommeliers and experts Association and Moet & Hennessy Russia.

After a presentation and tasting of wine from Argentina, New Zealand, Australia and Spain brand ambassador of champagne and wine Olivier Sauvage agreed to answer some questions of Mozart Wine House.

«Vielle Europe» at Mozart Wine House

Visit of the general manager of the Domaine Oliver Leflaive Jean de Soubeyran to Rostov-on-Don had a significant resonance.

The meeting had place in the tasting room of the Academy of sommelier Mozart Wine House under support of East European Sommeliers and Experts Association and «Simple» company on the 7th of February. Jean de Soubeyran not only presented the region of Burgundy, the Domaines Oliver Leflaive and its wines, but also declared his opinion on the modern trends of the wine market, gave an interview for a video-blog and charmed students of the Academy. After that Jean agreed to answer some questions of Mozart Wine House:

Visit of grappa’s producer

Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House continues to organize master-classes for its student with participation of the leading producers of premium alcohol.

After a visit of David Lesage from The Rolland Collection, on the 6th of February a daughter of a famous grappa producer from Veneto, Roberto Castagner, Giulia Castagner together with Mariachristina Milanese, export manager came to the class to make a presentation of its distillery.

Wine with an accent

Supply of Georgian wine, mineral water and fruits to Russia can be restarted this winter already. But experts have doubts that Georgian wine could easily get strong positions at the Russian market.

Aggravation of Russian — Georgian relationships in 2006 provoked putting into operation an embargo to import of wine, cognac and mineral water produced within Georgian territory into Russia. And even though the connoisseurs insisted that In Vino Veritas, the ban has been staying untouched. After seven years we can get the ball rolling and Georgian products can come back to the Russian market.

Star of winemaking in Mozart Wine House

Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House and East European Sommeliers and Experts Association together with wine-trading company «Fort» organized a meeting with a representative of the trading house of Michel Rolland.

On the 30th of January 2013 East European Sommeliers and Experts Association together with wine-trading company «Fort» organized a meeting with a representative of the trading house of Michel Rolland, an outstanding person of wine world, in the Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House.


Every year in our country we live more or less important alcohol crisis: new excise, Unified State System of Automatic Information, import license etc.

This New year will stress beer and canned-cocktail makers as their products will become equal to the alcohol and regulated by USSAI. In such conditions wine-maker get preferences in the competition game.

Functionary will make farmers declare their harvest of grapes

Russian Alcohol Control Department prepared a letter in which it asks farmers to declare their harvest of grapes.

According to Izvestia journal, article from December, 17, this is a way to control wine-making process by functionary.

Oscar Alvares from Bodegas Julian Chivite in Rostov-on-Don

The 28th of November Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House organized a regular tasting.

Spanish wines of Bodegas Julian Chivite were persented by Oscar Alvares one of the leading experts of the wine-making house. He told us about the lands of Navarra, family traditions and one of classified Spanish cru.

Alain Schlumberger in Rostov

The 1st of November a significant event for wine connoisseurs had place in Rostov-on-Don — arrival of the owner of one of famous family domains of Alsace, Alain Baydon-Schlumberger.

Mr. Schlumberger made a professional wine tasting at the Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House, and in the evening assisted at a dinner where he presented to the guests the best pairing of wines of the domains with plates of classical French cuisine in interpretation of the chef-cooker of the restaurant Pinot Noir Phillip Lesquot. Between the two activities Alain told us about current vintage, his friendship with the manager of the Domaine de la Romanee-Conti and about his vineyards.

2012 – analysis of the Russian wine market

Imported wine stays a stable demand of the Russian customers. According to the official customs report the volume of imported wine to Russia augmented to 10,2% during the 1st half of 2012.

Generally this grow is due to the increase of importation of cheap wine from Moldova and Ukraine which volumes are comparable to those of France, Italy and Spain. For the mentioned period 97 500 000 liters of wine was imported to Russia that overcomes the same rate of 2011 on 9 000 000 liters. Such a grow of import is equal to the increase of the internal wine production (13,4% for the fist 6 months of the year 2012). So, every third bottle of wine in Russia is imported.

Import of alcohol to Russia grew to quarter in 2012

Russians more and more show preference to imported brands.

According to the data of the Federal Custom of January-July 2012 the volume of import of strong drinks grew to 25,78%. The structure of import also changed – whisky and rum, leaded before slowed their grow and the leaders of the season are Ukrainian vodka, Armenian brandy and tequila.

Wine Spectator and Vinitaly present 100 finest Italian wine producers

We are thrilled to announce the list of the «Finest Italian Wines: 100 Great Producers». The list represents the excellence and diversity of all regions from the Italian peninsula and will be a showcase when the grand tasting on 24th of March will take place in Verona.

The selection of winemakers for the official opening event to Vinitaly 2012 also marks a special occasion for the American lifestyle magazine Wine Spectator as «we hope the event will serve as a showcase to demonstrate the breadth and quality of the Italian wine industry today," said Thomas Mathews, Executive Editor, Wine Spectator.