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14 July 2020 № 368

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Viña Zorzal in the Academy of sommelier Mozart Wine House

2 June 2016 at the Academy of sommelier Mozart Wine House took place the presentation of winery Vina Zorzal and the wine tasting from the manufacturer.

As the younger generation of producers of Viña Zorzal, the large bodega on the border of Navarra and Rioja Vinicola Corellana, observed ruefully to UK importer Ben Henshaw of Indigo Wine, if only their father had set up shop 15 minutes' drive further south, they could have sold all their wines as Rioja and had a rather easier time of things than they do at the moment, saddled with the rather obscure region of origin Correlana.

Work in the household is distributed: for the vineyards cultivated exclusively by hand and according to organic methods of viticulture, Mikel Sanz looks, for vinification, using exclusively natural yeasts iñaki, and for the promotion and export – Shabi.

In 2014 the lineup of wines of Navarre was joined by Rioja assembled in Alaves from old vines. The vineyards with the brothers work in Navarre and in Rioja, are high enough in the foothills of the Sierra Cantabria, about 550-600 meters above sea level, thereby maintaining a fresh style of wine and rich aromatics. At the winery the main principle of less=more. In an attempt to convey as accurately as possible the unique regional character of wines, not to say the character of each vineyard, the brothers try as much as possible less to interfere in natural processes.
Born this way a very precise, clean and elegant wines, able to convey the essence of what the philosophy of the family, and the uniqueness of the neighbouring two great regions! White wines Vina Zorzal have a pleasant, fresh taste, and the reds are deep and tannic wines from autochthonous varieties represent their region in all its splendor and charm.

At the tasting were presented white varietal wines Garnacha Blanca and Chardonnay, rose (saignant) of Garnacha, Tempranillo red wine aged in steel, and aged in French barriques Graciano, Malayeto (single vineyard) and the wine assemblage Señora de las Alturas.
In the opinion of the tasters for white wines Vina Zorzal has a pleasant refreshing taste, and the red is deep and tannic wines from autochthonous varieties represent their region in all its splendor and charm, show silky tannins, good balance of acidity and a long finish.

We thank our partners - the company Grape for organizing and executing this event.

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