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11 August 2020 № 368

Literary salon


«Literary Salon» in Pinot Noir

The company Mozart Wine House, the first company of South Russia putting into life a complex method of work with wine, and the magazine «Kto Glavniy» — an edition about the principal persons and topics of Russia, present a new project launching «Literary Salon». It is a unique project with no analogues in the Southern part of Russia in terms of its content and concept. Literary evenings are aimed to gather connoisseurs of beautiful things, real intellectuals and hedonists, people feeling subtly fine art in any realization.

Twice a month Literary Salon invites famous people, so the guests of the restaurant Pinot Noir get a great opportunity to pass an evening in informal atmosphere with talented actors of theater and cinema, to taste dishes of haute-cuisine, to talk and to enjoy beaux arts, author kitchen and high quality wines.

Project participants: Sergey Nikonenko, Vasiliy Lanovoy, Olga Kabo, Pavel Lubimtsev, Anatoliy Kuznetsov, Natalia Varley, Vladimir Gostyukhin, Alissa Freindlikh, Aristarkh Livanov and more other outstanding people of the world of theater and cinema world of Russia.

Coming soon at Literary Salon: Sergey Yurskiy, Alexander Philippenko, Irina Alferova, Olga Kabo, Alissa Freindlikh, Lia Akhedgakova, Pavel Lubimtsev, Dmitriy Kharatjan, Nina Usatova, Mikhail Boyarskiy and so on…

Interactive mode of literary evenings gives to the guests a unique possibility to spend time at informal atmosphere with stars of theater and cinema, talk to them personally and to get answers to all their questions about their lives and artistic being. And, of course, an autograph! Unrepeatable idea and concept of the project «Literary Salon» enriched significantly cultural life of South Russia and attracted intellectual, thinking category of guests who appreciate fine art and good service.

Creative evenings are traditionally hold in the restaurant of French cuisine Pinot Noir, a well-known place with European style service, and consist of mono-play of the announced star and a gastronomic dinner prepared by a culinary virtuoso chief-cooker Michel Christmann.

Michel Christmann is a person of a great talent and enormous culinary capacities who can surprise even experienced gourmands with his chef-oeuvres. The chef worked in three restaurants of Michelin (Le Crocodile, Relais Chateau Bernard Loiseau), and received a precious star for the restaurant Les Pleiades (France).

Authentic and author recipes of dishes are developed by the chef Michel Christmann exclusively of high-quality and delicious products (foie-gras, truffles, marbled beef and so on), dispatched to the restaurant three times a week for a special order by plane. Wine is one of the most important components of the restaurant. The wine-card there are more than 200 wines and other noble drinks. Accredited sommeliers will perfectly match drinks and food.

The project «Literary Salon», the first evening of which took place in September, 2012, proved its absolute cultural validity and demand by the citizens of the Don capital. New season will offer more unforgettable meetings and bright impressions to the participants of the project. Welcome!


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