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About our company

Nowadays «Mozart Wine House» company, included into the Austrian Group of Companies «Mozart House», is the first one in South of Russia to realize a comprehensive approach to the wine business. The company’s activity includes the following directions.

Sommelier Academy «Mozart Wine House»

It is the only educational institution in South of Russia to possess a license for educational activity in sphere of wine culture (license n A 327955, registration n 266 from 24.08.2009, app. from 21.06.2010). The academy is supervised by the East European Sommeliers and Experts Association which is a part of Worldwide Sommelier Association.

The Academy offers its services in professional training and further employment assistance of alcohol market specialists — sommeliers, waiters, cellarists, as well as diverse courses of various duration for wine connoisseurs.

Wine and delicatessen boutiques «Mozart Wine House»

These are the unique boutiques, constructed in accord with all requirements of wine storage, with a unique collection thoroughly selected by wine professionals.

Special climate-control system allows to keep a constant year-round air temperature of +14° C and humidity of 75%, providing for complete absence of sun light, foreign odors and vibrations.

The boutiques assortment include the best wines of leading wine-making countries of the world, carefully selected by experts. Classical France, Italy of many faces, expressive Spain, bright and juicy wines of the New World, noble cognacs, rare whiskeys and other worthy drinks are waiting for you there.

The work with our clients is entrusted to experienced professionals, graduates of leading European sommelier schools.

Wine bar «Mozart Wine House»

It is a unique project which has not any analogues in the south of Russia. The main essence of the project is to offer a variety of wines and hard drinks satisfying the taste of the most exacting consumer.

It is important that you are free in your choice: you can take the wine home or drink it here, in a comfortable atmosphere of the bar, accompanied by refined delicatessen without additional extras. The carefully picked out gastronomic specialities from the entire world make an integral part of the bar. It is a wide palette of noble cheeses and meat delicacies, foie gras, black caviar, truffles, olive oil from private manufacturers, delicate desserts and chocolate, freshest bread baked after old French recipes and much more…

Services portfolio

The large complex of services of our company includes the whole spectrum of work with wine: drink consulting, composition and maintenance of private wine collections, wine delivery at special prices, responsible storage in our own wine cellar, recorking of rare wine bottles by natural cork stoppers, designing of wine cards for restaurants and oenogastronomic consulting, development and realization of profitable wine investments, construction and service of wine cellars on the basis of special computer software.

The wine you bought for long-term aging can be stored in the wine cellar of «Mozart Wine House». If you want to keep your precious collection always handy, the experts of our company will help you to choose a convenient wine cupboard, heeding your needs, preference, life-style and purpose of acquisition.

«Mozart Wine House» is official distributor of the French company «EuroCave» which can be by right called a number one manufacturer of wine cupboards made according to requirements of correct wine storage: optimal temperature and humidity, absence of bright light, vibration and extraneous smells…

We also assist you in organizing and conducting theme wine events: in a special well-appointed lecture hall of the company or at your home, in the office — fascinating wine tastings, master classes in wine and hard drinks, presentations for your friends and partners.

The educated and experienced experts of our company will carry out any oenological task which can be set them by our clients. Because wine is our calling!

Wine collectors and connoisseurs club «Mozart Wine House»

It is the first V.I.P. Club uniting connoisseurs of fine wines, whiskeys, cognacs and other alcohols in South of Russia. It was created to bring together people who wish to receive all the best from life and attach a particular importance to such notions as exclusiveness, distinction and professionalism. Our club provides for its participants possibilities for regular communication and development of wine erudition.

We have always liked wine, tried to learn about it as much as possible, to share our experience with friends and acquaintances keen on the theme of wine.

We have seen the culture of wine consumption in Russia growing every year, and we enjoyed that more and more people open for themselves that wonderful world.

But in course of time we decided to have a possibility of meeting people for exchange of impressions and experience. Thus the project «Mozart Wine House» was born with this Internet resource as its integral part. Our aim is to help amateurs of wine to find their bearings in a complex world of wine and other alcohols, to tell about the features of each wine and to keep up a lively dialogue with wine collectors, to give them an opportunity to communicate with each other and with us, to put questions and to discuss.

On our site we tried to present the complete information concerning the wine theme, which can be useful both to beginners-amateurs and to wine connoisseurs. We seek to make this site as informative and dynamic as possible, efficiently reacting to inquiries of our friends and people sharing our ideas.

What can be better than a conversation about wine with a glass of this very wine in an intimate atmosphere!.. As you know, one of the missions of wine is to unite people! So we invite you to go round the wonderful world of noble drinks…

Our partners

Group of companies Mozart House East European Sommeliers and Experts Association


Tapas bar & boutique of wines and delicatessen «Mozart Wine House» 344010, Russia
str. Bolshaya Sadovaya, 130
Phone: +7 (863) 263-13-90

Academy of sommeliers «Mozart Wine House»
344082, Russia
str. Pushkinskaya, 29
Tel: +7 (863) 206-15-15


Boutique of wines and delicatessen «Mozart Wine House»
344082, Russia
str. Pushkinskaya, 25
Phone: +7 (863) 206-11-22

Wine bar & boutique of wines and delicatessen «Mozart Wine House»
344010, Russia
str. Pushkinskaya, 112
Phone: +7 (863) 299-92-09


Restaurant «Pinot Noir»
344082, Russia
Mr.. Rostov-on-don
str. Pushkinskaya, 25
Тел: +7 (863) 240-81-38



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