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26 August 2019 № 368

Services portfolio

Re-corkage of vintage wines with natural cork and rendition of expert opinions


Rare wines intended for a long ageing may require replacement of natural cork.

More then 300-years experience shows that natural cork provides quite reliable corkage of bottles. Of course, upon certain conditions, the most important of which — prevention of corks from drying out. For that purpose bottles are held in inclined position to wash the wine cork. If you do not do this, corkage loses its air-tightness, and corks begin to leak (a phenomenon called «coulés»). By the way, it does not refer to hard drinks, they used to be stored vertically.

Like other products made of natural materials, corks are subject to aging. In course of time, they almost inevitably get wet, and sometimes lose the structure stability, become loose and begin to crumble. Therefore, upon reaching of a certain age of wine (usually 15–20 years) it is recommended to replace the cork. This process requires special equipment which guarantees that air will not penetrate into the bottle, and experienced professionals. Sometimes, to replace the cork, the bottle is sent to the vineyard where the wine was produced. However, this is not always possible or advisable.

Now vintage wine re-corkage services with natural corks are available to collectors and connoisseurs of wine in Southern Russia. Corkage is realized by experienced experts using special equipment with natural corks of «extra» class from Portugal.

In the process of corcaging wines examination is being conducted (description of organoleptic characteristics: transparency, color, bouquet, taste, typicallity), definition of diseases and defects (if any). This allows to issue opinions on quality and potential of wines, as well as recommendations on gastronomic combinations and the present value of the collection, based on similar proposals of wine market.

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