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22 September 2019 № 368

Services portfolio

Elaboration of wine cards for restaurants


Before composition of wine card, the experts of the company carry out the comprehensive degustation of restaurant’s dishes, on that base taste charts of each dish are composed. Taste charts reflect dish structure, its juiciness, saltiness, bitterness, acidity, sweetness, fattiness, tendencies toward certain tastes…

In accordance with obtained data, the wines are selected which characteristics are in harmony with that of the dish. For instance, juiciness of a dish is balanced through a high level of tannins and alcohol, whereas lack of juiciness is compensated by an elevated level of acidity and minerality.

Comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience of certified specialists, graduated from leading European sommelier schools, permitted to elaborate a unique methodology of oenogastronomical analysis of wines, precisely determining degree of wine appropriateness for specific dishes.

Analysis results are of unquestionable practical value: restaurant personnel will be able to offer ideal wine and food marriages permitting to accentuate values of wine figuring in establishment’s wine chart in combination with specific courses of the restaurant.

Oenogastronomical analysis is performed according to authorial system of wine evaluation elaborated by the company’s experts based on international 100-point system, and allows to provide the customer with following data for each item of wine card:

  1. Degustation form with detailed data on:
    • visual analysis (transparency, color, consistency/sparkle),
    • olfactory analysis (determination of full scale of primary, secondary and tertiary aromas and of their grouping as per types, complexness and intensity analysis),
    • gustatory-olfactory analysis (analysis of softness and hardness constituents in wine, and accordingly — level of wine balance, as well as intensity and duration of gustatory sensations),
    • final analysis (development state, forecast as for aging potential, harmony of all the constituents).
  2. Evaluation form (evaluation of wine according to 100-point system based on degustation figures and using special factors).
  3. Elaboration of unique «Wine sensorial characteristics» chart. The chart is made based on averagely calculated values from conclusions of groups of experts for each characteristic and is presented in form of a curve clearly demonstrating intensity level of key wine characteristics and their balance (sweetness, roundness, intensity, aftertaste duration, acidity, sparkle level, minerality, alcohol and tannin levels).
  4. General wine description based on «Wine sensorial characteristics» chart. Each specific value of wine characteristic is matched with a specific value of dish characteristic according to juxtaposition or opposition principle. Apposition of a specific dish chart on the wine chart allows us to see the degree of their mutual appropriateness.
  5. Recommendations on marriage of a specific wine with dishes from restaurant carte, determination of ideal «oenogastronomical pairings». Recommendations are issued based on conclusions of expert groups and allow to determine several dishes categories according to their appropriateness for a specific wine: ideal gastronomical pairings, dishes of optimal appropriateness and allowable combinations.

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