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26 August 2019 № 368

Services portfolio

Services on safe wine storage in the company wine cellar


Wine is a living natural product requiring regular care during its storage, but it gives a lot of amazing discoveries when you come into contact with it. Wine storage is similar to parenting, as it also requires strict observance of numerous factors. Temperature, humidity, illumination, vibrations, odors — everything is of the utmost importance during the vintage wine storage.

The principal risks for wine storage are fluctuations in temperature and its limits violation. You need to maintain the air temperature in the range of +10–16 degrees, and ideally 14 degrees.

To preserve the properties of wine corks increased humidity is needed. Relative humidity should be at least 50%, optimally — 75%.

Light, and its ultraviolet component in particular, can very quickly cause irreparable damage to wine. That is why it is necessary to store wine in darkness, avoiding the impact of ultraviolet rays.

It is also important to ensure the absence of extraneous odors and vibrations. As result of vibration complex biochemical processes are disturbed. Harmonious maturation of wine is possible only in the absence of any type of vibration.

Air quality and its renewal are also important factors in wine storage. It is crucial to remember that the bottle is not air-proof, and foreign odors can penetrate through the cork.

Now wines purchased by collectors for a long ageing can be stored in the own wine cellar of «Mozart Wine House» company with ideal storage conditions which are maintained naturally.

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