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16 September 2019 № 368

Services portfolio

Creation of wine collection


Private wine collections support: accounting, update, renewal (based on a specially developed computer program which has no analogues in Russia). Starting from 2009, «Mozart Wine House» company offers a new service — purchase of wine in barrels directly in chateaux with subsequent bottling and aging in producer cellars during 10 years and more. Get your own barrique of wine right now!

Your wine barrique will be provided with metallic plate carrying your name — personalized certification of your property. You will also get a special holder’s certificate.

During storage process of your wine you will be provided with detailed descriptions, photo- and videoreports about each operation performed with your wine during its aging. Aging in oak gives to wine the final notes to its character and releases its complex multi-faceted style.
Oenologists of the chateau will choose together with you the best period to bottle your wine.

The bottles will be stored in producer’s wine cellar under ideal conditions for optimal aging.

All the bottles can carry your personified back label with bottle number, your name or name of the person for whom you would like to reserve one or more of your bottles.

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