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26 August 2019 № 368


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Visit of grappa’s producer

Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House continues to organize master-classes for its student with participation of the leading producers of premium alcohol.

The meeting was prepared and acted by specialists of the East European Sommeliers and Experts Association together with Alianta Group company. Giulia started with a first vision of a film in Russian about their history and innovation technologies patented and implemented by her father. The presentation shows complex production process as well as the way of the best tasting of this fine Italian drink. The students of the course «Basis of technology of production and sales of wine and spirits» were happy to ask questions and to listen to comprehensible comments of differences between grappa and cognac, technology of conservation of raw materials for grappa production not to stop the process while winter. Julia told, that grape skin is bought by the family from all the corners of Italy as the volume of production is over 1,5 million bottles per year. For example, for Grappa Amarone the raw materials are taken from the Masi winery. After a tasting of the favorite Giulia’s grappa — grappa Moscato, the guest answered the question of Mozart Wine House.

Mozart Wine House: Giulia, as much as I understood, all in your family are eonologists graduated from special schools?

Giulia Castagner: Not really, we are professional, but everyone in his own field. Me, my father always considered me to be his second, so I studied at Milan in the economy and marketing and in the company I deal with sales and marketing.

MWH: And the others?

GC: Father graduated from institute and became eonologist in 1947, he started working as distillator in the company, but speaking about family business, our history starts in 1995 when father bought the company. Now we are the second generation of Castagner, me, my sister and my cousin who is eonologist also. He works with father on product development.

MWH: As a specialist in marketing, what is your idea of key factor of promotion of a product in the market?

GC: It’s important to understand, that all the spirits have their own faces and are individual. Cognac, grappa, armagnac, pisco — all of them keep the culture of their production, however grappa is becoming more international, so it’s important to make good presentation and to have a strict idea of the audience. We, for example, have three types of Grappa Moscato — for Italian market, for American customer — sweet one, and for Russians — less sweet even than the Italian one as traditionally Russian customer is inhabited to dry and pure spirits.

MWH: And you personally, what is your favorite drink?

GC: I am a woman and I like elegant and easy to drink drinks, so my father developed a special drink Aquavite of 21% of alcohol, made not skin but must also, so it keeps all the properties of grape. It is good by itself, as well as a cocktail basis.

MWH: Well, you are a real gourmet! Thank you for coming and, good continuation!

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