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26 August 2019 № 368


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«Vielle Europe» at Mozart Wine House

Visit of the general manager of the Domaine Oliver Leflaive Jean de Soubeyran to Rostov-on-Don had a significant resonance.

Mozart Wine House: Jean, what is your way to become general manager of one of the famous households of Burgundy?

Jean de Soubeyran: To marry an owners daughter (laughing). Actually, I worked hard in the Switzerland and Luxemburg, graduated from a Wine School in Burgundy and after that I could manage the company. It is not so easy as we sell wine to more than 60 countries of the world. We deal with the biggest importers like Simple, with which we work since 2001, we were one of he first 5 housed imported in Russia by Simple.

MWH: 60 countries… Is there something in common between Russian and french wine customers?

JdS: Well, Russians like French wine. And they prefer Burgundy ones, among Burgundy wines they choose white wine, and in the line of white Burgundy they love 1er Cru and Grand Cru. So There is at least one common thing between Russians and Frenchmen — good taste of wine!

MWH: have you ever tried Russian wine?

JdS: Not yet, this morning we were in a boutique with a good choice of Russian wines, but I don’t know much to choose. However, in Moscow I tasted a good white Georgian wine. It’s a bit surprising as I thought it’s prohibited to import Georgian wine to Russia, isn’t it?

MWH: Not yet, but we hope to get the ball rolling. So you are ready to experiments. And what a sommelier should avoid in his work with wine?

JdS: Oh, it’s necessary to be open minded. Not to follow someones opinion and to taste wine, to get personal experience.

MWH: And what is the secret of the success of Olivier Leflaive at the Russian market. How do you promote you product?

JdS: Exactly like we’ve done it today. Meeting people who love wine and work with it. These people form opinions. Presentation, tasting and personal contact — this our recipe.

MWH: Wines of Olivier Leflaive have their own faces, real style. What is your philosophy?

JdS: We do our wine with a piece of our heart, we are a bit conservative, Old Europe, you know (laughing). We make wine as we love it. And the customer will decide if he likes or not, we are not going to match our wine to every ones taste.

MWH: Well keep doing, we like your way! Thank you very much and good luck!

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