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22 September 2019 № 368


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Simple Antinori philosophy

The Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House held the tasting of Antinori wines at the end of June. Brand of Antinori Mr. Filippo Pullishi answered a few questions about his favorite wines and the company which he represents.

MWH: What is the work in the Antinori company for you?

FP: Working with the company Antinori and in the company assumes a lot of effort because we have a huge portfolio of different wines here. It is important to be able to deep into the details. Russia is one of the main markets for us. We are quite well represented in Moscow. It is a developed market for us. The other regions represent a great growth potential for us, including the South of Russia, of course.

MWH: What do you associate the Antinori brand with?

FP: Antinori is a synonym of wine, just like the Ferrari is a synonym of luxury car, which everyone dreams of. Antinori philosophy is simple: to produce quality wines in category ranging from every day wines to special occasions wines such as Solaia.

Wherever you pronounce Antinori the first thing you think is wine. The work on the Antinori includes work in several wineries. The last decades Antinori made huge investments in the best appellation of the world and they purchased the wineries other Italian regions to offer the consumer a different product. Because the competitors don’t sleep, they are everywhere.

It is important to note that not all wines are named Antinori on its label. The image of individual wineries is so high itself that it is not necessary to put the name Antinori at the label. Each wine reflects the characteristics of the terroir where it is produced. It is important to accent the independence of these wineries from a sales perspective.

MWH: As far as I know, the Antinori family produces wine for generations?

FP: Antinori is an ancient aristocratic family and originally a family winery. Today, the 27th generation of the family is involved to the business Antinori. The representer of the 26 generation is the president of the company. He is 74 years old now, but he runs the company still. But the 27th generation his three daughters involved in the family business.

Antinori can afford not simply to make money, but also to invest serious money in development, and besides long-term investments. Recently, these investments were used to acquire the vineyards.

MWH: Do you use only now your own grape?

FP: The company satisfies its needs in the grape from its own raw materials on 98% today. This gives a strong independence from the quality of the crop in other wineries, from market conditions and it can be confident in the quality of grape and to monitor the entire production.

It is important to understand that each Antinori household has its own vineyard and winery and cellars for aging. It is closer to us the sight of tailor who comes to every parts of the whole in details.

MWH: What do you think characterizes your wines? What are the differences from other wines?

FP: Firstly it is their bright personality that you immediately understand, it is their character. Secondly, they must be gastronomic. It is important that the wine in conjunction with a meal will be not tiring and will give joy. The rewards for us are second, we have not aim to produce wines just for that. The most important is our philosophy.

Another important point is our customers. The main link of sales is restaurants, the sector of Horeca. Believe me, Antinori wines are represented in all European restaurants with Michelin stars. It is because Antinori is perceived as a kind of reference point, as the flagship company for the production of quality wines now.

MWH: In your opinion, Antinori is more an innovator or traditionalist?

FP: We are the company with centuries of history and we honor the tradition, of course. However, we are very modern; we constantly strive to keep up with the times. We have made a significant contribution to the development of the world of wine making in general. We have always been revolutionaries. It is enough to recall the Tignanello, which changed the perception of Chianti Classico and the attitude of the Italian wines in general. Or Cervaro, which became the first white wine able for long aging, and not just.

Our latest discovery and pride is a complex of Antinori wineries. It is located in Tuscany, in the province of Florence, in the Chianti Classico zone. The project is valued at over € 90 million was realized by architects of Studio Archea Associati.

The winery is located entirely in the hill and merges with the ground without disturbing the rural landscape, and even the roof of the building is covered with vines. The producing area, bottling area, warehouses, office space, the tasting room, the library, the museum and the trade square located on several levels and in different sections.

The purpose of this complex is to enable the final user of wines to get acquainted with Antinori closer, to understand how we produce wines. If all the other Antinori wineries are closed to visitors now, exept our distribution partners and this winery is open to everybody, registration on-line: www.antinori.it. Welcome!

MWH: Yes, it’s impressed! Thank you for the interview and your engrossing story!

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