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25 August 2019 № 368


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Moet & Hennessy in Mozart Wine House

On the 12th of March in the Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House a master-class of wines of the group of company Moet & Hennessy organized by East-European Sommeliers and experts Association and Moet & Hennessy Russia.

Mozart Wine House: Olivier, at your presentation you mentioned that your family comes from Burgundy. So, working with wine is in your blood?

Olivier Sauvage: Yes and no. Actually, I graduated from university of Law and Commerce, but after study I understood that I want in my life two things: live in another country and work with wine. May be it is the voice of the blood as my family owns a chateau in Burgundy for more than 200 years and my grandpa was the mayor of Chassagne — Montrachet 20 years! And than a friend of mine proposed a job of consultant of a wine cave. I moved to Norwegian, studied in London, came to Moscow to become a manager of La Grande Cave. You know, I am not sommelier or eonologue, I work in marketing.

MWH: And how long do you live in Russia?

OS: Exactly 8 years, I came to Russia on the 11th of March 2005.

MWH: Since that you could know a lot about our country, visit wineries?

OS: Yes, I really travel a lot, I was when the first chateau Le Grand Vostok was made, and Chateau Tamagne. I should say that at Russian wineries there are good specialists and in some years we will talk about their achievements. But what I am waiting for is coming back of Georgian wines. I had chance to come to Moscow before the ban, so I tasted a lot of them. I can call the taste of Georgian wine an recognized one as the first time a tasted Kindzmarauli I thought «What the hell is that?» (laughing).

MWH: Olivier, and what is work with wine for you?

OS: Oh, wine is an ideal product for me. It means discovery. I adore opening things and wine has so many faces!

MWH: Olivier, a traditional question: what would you advise to the students of our Academy, you working so long in the field?

OS: Study English! This is a universal tool which opens all the doors of the wine world. Learn it not for love to the language, just to improve your knowledge as this is the right way to get more information at first hand.

MWH: Thank you, Olivier!

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