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22 September 2019 № 368


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Import of alcohol to Russia grew to quarter in 2012

Russians more and more show preference to imported brands.

Every tenth bottle of strong alcohol bought in Russia is imported. As the federal Custom reports from January till July 6,1 million dal of strong drinks with alcohol content overcoming 25% were imported to the country what takes 9,97% of total market share of the market of strong alcohol of Russia. And the increase of the volume of the import showed 25,78% against 8,52 a year before. In spite of such a significant grow of import of strong alcohol, rum and whisky that used to show the highest results several fro several previous years, slowed their movement. So the import of whisky in 2012 increased to 17,7% by 1,5 million dal within 7 months. In 2011 this rate was 66,02%. Import of rum grew last year to 56,93%, this year didn't increase (the rate is 4,64% by 233,5 thousand within January-July). According to the opinion of the director of the agency of the sector ЦИФРРА Vadim Drobiza, this slowdown in the importation of rum and whisky depend on several reasons: “During the last 10-12 years import of rum and whisky in Russia grew in 50-70 times. Naturally, such a grow can't last forever, the market is saturated”. Another reason influenced this slowdown became appearance of multiple false products in the retail – surrogates, bottled under the famous names. Drobiz thinks that the share of false alcohol on the shelf can be 20-30%. The federal Custom reports that the leader of the whisky market stays the company Diageo (brands White Horse, Johnnie Walker) with the market share 24,76% (a year before the rate was 31,84%). It is followed by Bacardi (William Lawson’s) — 16,1% and Pernod Ricard (Ballantine’s) — 15,73%. Rum market is stable with the leader Bacardi (40,03%) followed by Diageo (Captain Morgan) — 20,47%. The only category of the alcohol from Western countries which not only kept but increased the grow in 2012 became tequila. This year the volume of import of the Mexican drink have grown to 58,07% by 195 thousand dal (vs 42,3% in 2011). An independent expert Erkin Tuzmukhamedov thinks that such a popularity of tequila is due to the “low basis” effect – when the basic volume is low it's much easier to show quick grow. “Besides tequila objectively is close to Russian customers, - says Mr. Tuzmukhamedov – differently from rum or whiskie, which are mostly taken in cocktails tequila should be taken as a shot. And Russian people is historically inhabited to such a way to drink strong drinks”. To remind the history, Vadim Drobiz gives the example of 10 years old when rum over-passed tequila by volume of import. Absolute leader of the supply of tequila says Pernod Ricard (28,57%) grace to the brand Olmeca, it is followed by Maxxium with Sauza but the share is weaker 8,38%. Vadim Drobiz continues: «By 2015-2016 the share of imported alcohol in Russia will grow, I think, till 17% what will be able grace to decrease of consumption of low-price vodka due to upcoming increase of excises”. The experts is sure that the major part of the consumers of illegal vodka will use unqualified surrogates and that will reinforce the positions of the imported drinks. However the volume of import of vodka takes the leading place in the structure of imported drinks to Russia. Grow in this category in 2012 according to the data of the Federal Custom Service is 33,33% equal to 2,38 million dal. And 90,69% of it was imported from Ukraine. Ukrainian companies Global Spirits («Hortitsa») and NAT («Khlebniy Dar») took profit of the problems of the concurrent Nemiroff, which had almost blocked the delivery due to the conflict of the auctioneers, and occupied together 83,12% of market share of imported vodka. Also the import of Armenian cognac showed an intensive grow in 2012. Th Federal Custom Service reports that the increase in this category is 75,52% or 621,6 thousands dal. The leaders are “Luding” with brands “Noy”, Kremlin Award and Pernod Ricard with “Ararat”. Source – www.rbcdaily.ru

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