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22 September 2019 № 368


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Good wine and good ambiance. Ricasolli in Russia

East European Sommelier and Experts Association keeps organizing events with participation of the best world producers of wine and spirits. On the 20th March in the restaurant «Pinot Noir» a meeting with Olalla Lopez-Corona, Area export Manager was presented by a Moscow company «Millenium» and «Mozart Wine House».

Before tasting Mozart Wine House took a small interview of Ms. Lopez-Corona:

Mozart Wine House: Olalla, you work as regional manager, meet a lot of people in your trip. What is hardest side of your job?

Olalla Lopez Corona: It’s important to understand who I am working for every time I make a presentation. If I deal with professionals or interested people who can speak my language (I don’t mean Italian, but wine language) I cannot explain the common things, but If there people who came for a glass of wine I start with the easiest things. The hardest is to meet a person, who works with wine for years but doesn’t know difference between Chianti and Chianti Classico. And it is rather often...

MWH: Well, don’t worry tonight you’ll have a good business talk even in such a relaxing ambiance.

OLC: yes, it is very beautiful here and a good music. Is it a French restaurant with traditional French cooking?

MWH: Yes, it is. Our chef-in-cuisine is a Frenchman and the menu is French. But Michel Christmann likes to work with terroire, he use to take local product and make an author dishes. And you, what do you think about French cuisine?

OLC: I like it. Sure, for us, Italians it’s a bit unusual all these complex sauces, but I like.

MWH: By the way. As we are in a French restaurant tasting Italian wine, could you recommend a dish to each sample. A French food for Tuscany wine.

OLC: Оh! It’s complicated... You know, in Italy every region has its traditions and Piemonte specialties are in pairing with Piemonte wines, and so on. Even our wines in the internal market are mostly sold in Toscana... Well, I’d say that these three red (Broglio, Casalfreda и Castello di Broglio) could pair with cep... And duck, French like duck, much more than we do... but if the sauce is too strong it’s better to take Castello di Broglio. And the lamb also, the same way. Our white could be good with appetizers, rose like aperitif.

MWH: Ok, guests have come, let’s start. We’ll taste the wines and ask our sommeliers to propose their pairings...

OLC: Perfect, it will be instructive!

And the tasting showed that Olalla was right. However, common opinion was, that the best dish for red wines of Barone Ricasolli is a good beef steak!

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