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22 September 2019 № 368


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Functionary will make farmers declare their harvest of grapes

Russian Alcohol Control Department prepared a letter in which it asks farmers to declare their harvest of grapes.

The latest report of the Department showed that 80% of Russian wine is false – some additives (color, aroma, non-grape alcohol, water) are used by producers, who put authentic federals marks on their bottles. Russian Alcohol Control Department suppose that the situation can change if license the vine-growing. Farmers should declare the quantity if grape and get federal marks accordingly, the standards of volume of wine produced from one kilo of grape should be revise every year. Also, functionary proposed to decrease State tax for those who produce wine from proper grape and not from wine materials, says RIA news. This is not the first initiative of the Department in wine sector – in October functionary had an idea of implementation of minimal retail price of sparkling wine, the same as vodka, brandy and cognac. However the Ministry of Economical Development refused the initiative considering that control of drinks with alcohol content less than 28 degrees is out of competence of Russian Alcohol Control Department.

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