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26 August 2019 № 368

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Wines of Cantina Mesa in Rostov-on-Don

Mr. Luca Fontan, an export-manager of a winery Cantina Mesa from Sardinia, held in the Academy of sommelier Mozart Wine House presentation of wine-making and introduced to connoisseurs of noble drinks their products. Also Mr. Luca Fontan answered some of our questions.

MWH: Luca, tell us please, what does the name of your winery «Mesa» mean?
LF: First of all it’s a Spanish word, which went into the Sardinian language. For us, Italian, the word «mesa» means not only the place where you can eat but primarily it’s the place where people have a good time in a family circle or with friends they enjoy their meal and wine. We decided it ' s a really great name for a brand.

MWH: What is the philosophy of your company?
LF: Our business is focused on two main aspects: philosophy of our winery and priority task of the company. The task is the promotion of the greatest sort of Carignan that has its own appellation in Sardinia DOC. The philosophy is based on 3 main points: maximum pure sort, an ideal balance and a good appealing drinkability of wine.

MWH: Well known that in Sardinia is a very hot climate. What are the peculiarity of the grape harvest in this district?
LF: Talking about this question it s worth saying not about climate but about unique sort of Carignan which has been growing here since ancient time. It wasn’t exposed to phylloxera and wasn’t vaccinated in American rootstocks. Wine makers from the whole Italy and Europe took Carignan vine to improve their wine. This sort was able to adjust to a such hot climate and give splendid results. Many wine-makers from the north part of Sardinian tried to use Carignan’s vines from Sulcis but there wasn’t any positive result. The climate in Sardinian is really hot: 6 months without precipitation. Grape harvest starts in the second part of September beginning of October.

MWH: Luca, how do you think what are the best gastronomic combinations with «Mesa» wines.
LF: Most likely it is meat. Despite the fact that Sardinia is an island in the middle of the sea, its traditional cuisine is connected with meat: lamb, pork, mutton. Carignan which thanks to the location near the sea has such characteristics as minerality, saltness, freshness can be served in a combination with fish. One month ago I was in Japan, and in a traditional Japan restaurant for dinner a chief offered us white fish with tomatoes and capers with Carignan Reserv. Thanks to the aspect that the wine was stored in an oak, its softness is well combined with fish. But anyway this wine is better with meat! (laughing)

MWH: Luca, what do you think about development of wine — market in Russia?
LF: Want to note your contribution to the formation of wine culture in Russia. I do see real changes. If before main consumers were well-to-do men who chose such brand as Sassicaia. Now the market of wine industry is rather expanded. According to comments and reports I can say that people are more and more interested in wine and they know what Burgundy is, who senior Gaja is and what other wine producers present. It s a serious and interesting challenge for us.

MWH: And one more traditional question — what can you advise to our students of the Academy of sommelier Mozart Wine House who’s just started their way in the amazing world of wine-making, please!
LF: The most important is take seriously lectures and try, try and try…

MWH: Luca, thanks a lot for your fascinating introducing of Cantina Mesa winery and wine-tasting. We look forward to meeting you in the Academy of sommelier «Mozart Wine House» in the future!

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