wine-lovers and professionals of wine market by the best samples of wine-making. On the 27th of March 2013 in the Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House a tasting of wines of a key Tuscan wine-maker San Felice took place. «Simple» company dealing with the producer for more than 15 years presented a famous guest — commercial director of the household Fabrizio Nencioni.


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Wine like pleasure. Great San Felice in Russia

Presentation of the house, vineyards and wines of San Felice gathered in one room connoisseurs from Rostov-on-Don, specialists from the Research Institute of Vine-growing and Wine-making of Novocherkassk as well as professional sommeliers and trading agents from the region. There were 5 tasting samples of the portfolio of San Felice including a white one and a unique wine of 100% Pugnitello. After answering multiple questions of the auditorium, Fabrizio gave a short interview to Mozart Wine House, he told us about his vision of IT technologies, Russian hospitality and the meaning of wine.

Mozart Wine House: Fabrizio, you said you are in Rostov for the first time, we hope you don’t find our city not kind enough.

Fabrizio Nencioni: You know, this is my first visit to the South of Russia, but I have been to Moscow, Saint — Petersburg and even Yekaterinburg, so I know that the latest thing to accuse Russians for is lack of hospitality (smiling). I like Russian people, there is something in your character familiar to me. Kindness, open heart, easy to establish relationships!

MWH: And what about language?

FN: Sure, I am lucky to work with a company where there are people speaking Italian, that helps much. Sometimes I had to manage all alone, it was hard… But now communication becomes much easier due to computers, all these new things like Internet, English is useful. And blogs, public discussions push the wine world.

WH: You are in the field for such a long time, you’ve seen everything. How do you appreciate new trends of trading in the market?

FN: Well, please, keep in mind that it’s my personal opinion (smiling). I am much older than you. I don’t mind changes, for example, when I started drinking wine, Chianti Classico was made both of red and white grapes. And I’ve seen its evolution, so such a change like ban of use of white grapes for Chianti Classico is a good one. It improved the wine, gave a new life to it and to the region also. But such things like buying wine through Internet I will never accept. I use to find wine by tasting, trying, choosing myself. I don’t understand how you can get a wine just clicking on an icon recommended by a journal or a critic. May be for great wines that would do… But, wine should be found…

MWH: Fabrizio, one more question. You work with wine, you sell it very well. What would you tell to the students of our Academy of sommelier who will graduate from it in two days? What would be your piece of advice for them after three months of studies? I make an album for them with statements of great persons visited the Academy while the course, your will conclude it.

FN: It is serious. First, I’d say — have a great respect to the wine, it is an outstanding thing that makes you study. Second, I’d say — see a wine like a friend. Don’t forget, that finally it is made to enjoy and to make pleasure. Try to avoid a mistake of those who analyze too much and don’t remember that wine is a joy.

MWH: Thank you, Fabrizio. It is really a nice piece of advice!

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