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22 September 2019 № 368

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The best work of the world of Klaus Gesser

On the 17th of April 2013 in the tasting room of the Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House OKW company under the support of East European Sommeliers and Experts Association organized a presentation of wines from Alto-Adige, Italy.

The winery Terlano and its wines presented sales and marketing director Klaus Gesser. Mozart Wine House couldn’t miss the chance to talk to the Italian guest:

MWH: Klaus, today for the tasting there were gorgeous sampoes and your presentation was so informative and instructive, so the conception of Terlano is clear. You look so calm, but the passion of your work feels your words.

KG: Natalie, I have got the best work in the world! I am professional eonologist and this helps a lot in my job, as the level of professionalism of people I deal with makes me become more and more professional. I improve myself all the tie. Recently I’ve been to Las-Vegas with 17 Master-Sommeliers of extra-class. And I have to talk to them the same language, so I try to get the essence of the thing and to show the essence to my interlocutor. To understand Terlano wines it is important to know that in the basis of production we use tradition and the goal is to make wines with a high potential to age. Of course it influences the properties of wines — Terlano wines are not the most aromatic ones, but they open in taste, opening the unique soil, grape and technology. Aging, they become better and better, that is why we have gorgeous cave, we call them treasury halls, and that is why our wines are demanded by 4500 restaurants in Italy, and in some wine cards you can find 2–3 pages with our wines. By the way, my external calmness is the result of work with restaurants, you see why? (smiling).

MWH: So, you could say that Italy is the hardest market for you?

KG: Yes, it is. The hardest and the most interesting!

MWH: You mentioned that you take part in the international tastings, so you know all the wines of the world, I guess. Do you have preferences?

KG: I love sparkling French wines. I drink only selected wines. For tasting there are great wines, but a wine to drink is a special choice for me.

MWH: Well, what are the criteria of choice? How you select your wine, your food or a restaurant to go?

KG: I trust my taste. And I must say, this is the very thing of a professional in the world of wine — break every law and trust your own taste. I look for real taste of, you know, materia prima. Every cuisine has its advantages, like Italian one gives real tastes, French culinary impresses by its complexity. The most important thing is to feel and to understand what you feel.

MWH: Thank you? Klaus for such a philosophy! Good luck!

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