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22 September 2019 № 368

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Congratulations to graduates!

9 weeks of interesting and instructive lessons, rich tastings and hard work before exams gave their results. After the ceremony the graduates gave their comments:

Anna Arsenova: «Studies in the Academy of sommelier was initiated by my boss as now I take a position of sommelier, before coming to the Academy my knowledge about wine and other drinks were completely of a customer, I don’t have any practice of service in a restaurant. I had a lot of questions and now I have even more, as I understand, starting from zero, one cannot in two month become a professional, so now for me is a question of my proud to learn everything and to come back to the Academy to show my level!»

Elizaveta Khimicheva: «My interest to wine has several reasons, first of all, I come from a wine-making region of the Don, Tsimlyansk, so I know vineyard from my childhood and want to deal with wine. Everything I knew while studies gave me more idea of what to do. I think, I’ll study in a special High School to become a specialist. It was funny and interesting, by very hard sometime, for example, before the course of strong spirits I had no idea how many drinks are in the world! It is so amazing!»

Anna Lisova: «faithfully, I don’t like alcohol and don’t drink at all. So for me it was so curious to find out aromas and tastes in such things like tequila or rum. I did my best and worked hard, as I saw how much interesting there in this world. I make my studies in an Institute of Service, so these courses are mostly for my job-to be, but I am happy to meet such good friends and big professionals as Alexander Vinnik and other profs».

Alexander Korotenko: «I work in restaurant business for a long time, and it was good to know that I have knowledge and experience. But every time I thought I know something I discovered, that the world of alcohol drinks is enormous! The main thing I got from these studies is that sommelier never stops in learning, as the best thing in this profession is the possibility of constant personal growth».

Artem Tsoy: «I am not a novice in Mozart Wine House, I work in the Wine bar. I am glad to improve my professionalism and to increase my effectiveness».

Dmitriy Chepurko: «As a sommelier of the restaurant Pinot Noir I am responsible of what I say and how I do it. These courses were really useful for me to systematize my knowledge and experience, and to guarantee the best service to our guests.»

Leonid Kudin: «For me an important thing is that the Academy of sommelier gives accredited diplomas. I did my best to get the best notes as I plan to grow in the restaurant business. I am happy that don’t only have knowledge but a document, proving that I have it!»

Vyacheslav Gyandzhetsyan: «I am a manager of a big wine dealer, so education in the Academy of sommelier, document of education and the membership of the Association is a good acquisition for me. I have new perspectives now. And I have a guaranteed place at the events, organized by the Association and the Academy!»

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