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Breaking the borders — Bodega Catena Zapata in Mozart Wine House

On the 14th of May 2013 in the tasting room of Academy of sommelier Mozart Wine House a meeting had place with a brand-ambassador of a legendary wine-producer Bodega Catena Zapata Ms. Maria Carola de la Fuenta.

The tasting organized by the Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House and a Moscow company DP-Trade under the support of East-European Sommeliers and Experts Association, gathered together wine-lovers and professionals in a warm atmosphere.

Maria Carola not only presented the household and its winery and vineyards, but geography and history of Argentinian wine-making in brief, as well as Malbec destiny and the way of Argentinian wines way in the wine world.

Informative and interesting presentation provoked lots of questions and Ms. De la Fuenta shared some secrets of Argentinian wine and cuisine culture, such as 5 styles of barbeque and Damajuana. The tasting could be called comparative — classical Catena Chardonnay and Catena Malbec vs Chardonnay and Malbec of Catena Alta. The top wine of the presentation was Catena Zapata Nicolas 2008, a cult blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec, made exceptionally in the best vintages.

After the presentation Maria Carola answered some questions of Mozart Wine House.

MWH: Maria Carola, we were really impressed by your deepest knowledge, you are in course of all — varieties and soils, vinifications and yields, pricing and sales techniques. Who are you? Where did you study?

MCF: First of all I am sommelier. I started working with a good Italian chef, made my studies in Argentina, I am a member if International Sommelier Association. But my story is longer. My parents worked as wine suppliers in the Northern East Argentina for years. So I am in the sphere since my childhood. Then I studied for MBA, however one of the most important experience is harvesting. One harvest was in a Michel Rolland winery, another one in Patagonia, and twice in France — at Leon Pasten.

MWH: Harvesting — is it important for carrier?

MCF: Oh, yeah! Anyone who wants to become a professional in any field of work with wine — sales, production, sommelier, has to get this harvesting experience, to work at a winery, know the processes and feel what is wine. Sure, it is vital to study and improve oneself by visiting wineries. Wine should become a part of the life style. You see what I mean (smiling).

MWH: And what is wine for you?

MCF: Wine is a living being. It is born grace to the vine-growers efforts, it is formed due to the wine-makers knowledge and feelings. In a bottle, as we do, a wine lives its life, breathing oxygen to grow and to become perfect. And if it is not opened, to die.

MWH: So vividly! Thank you, we wish you a good evening and a perfect dinner in the restaurant Pinot Noire!

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