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23 April 2018 № 353


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24 March 2013
Bordeaux tasting!

On the 24th of April East European sommeliers and experts Association, Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House and Millenium Company (Moscow) organize a meeting with a wine producer from Bordeaux.

Bordeaux tasting!

The event is an amazing visit of Bordeaux appellations and tasting of wine from this bright region. The presentation will be guided by a representative of the Dourthe House Nicolas Chemineau.

The tasting will include following wines:

— Chateau Garraud Bordeaux АОС 2012 white dry,
— Chateau de Ricaud Bordeaux АОС 2011 white dry,
— Chateau de Ricaud Bordeaux Superieur АОС 2008 red dry,
— La Terrace de la Guarde Pessac-Leognan АОС 2010 red dry,
— Chateau La Guarde Pessac-Leognan АОС 2006 red dry,
— Château Grand Barrail Lamarzelle Figeac Saint-Emilion Grand Cru 2006 red dry,
— Chateau de Ricaud Loupiac АОС 2003 white sweet.

All of age wine enthusiasts are welcome on the 24th of April at 14.00 in the Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House, Pushkinskaya str., 29. To book places, please, call +7 (863) 206-11-22.

23 March 2013
The summer season opens!

Wine Bar «Mozart Wine House» and French restaurant «Pinot Noir» invite you to the opening of the spring-summer season.

The summer season opens!

Now you can enjoy the warm rays of the spring sun, and of course, great food, fine wines and other noble drinks on the terraces of wine bar «MozartWine House» and restaurant «Pinot Noir».

And for those who are afraid of the cool winds and changeable spring weather, we want to reassure — terraces are equipped with comfortable heaters, and to the most thermophilic we can offer cozy blankets.

Wine Bar «Mozart Wine House»: Pushkinskaya Street, 112, tel.: (863) 2999-209

French restaurant «Pinot Noir»: Pushkinskaya Street, 25, tel.: +7 (863) 240-81-38

21 March 2013
Step by step around a wine planet

Another level achieved by participant of the educational project of east European Sommeliers and Experts Association Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House.

Step by step around a wine planet

On the 15th of March 2013 a course of «Wine of France» finished and student said good-bye to each other and their professor, Andrey Ishenko. But not for a long they will come back in April for the course «Wine of Italy».

However, they left some comments to the manager of the project Sokolova Natalya:

Sablina Olga: «Together with a friend we came for lessons as we travel a lot in Europe, taste different wine in Italy, France, Spain. Some of them impress us and we take them home, some stay nor understood. So we wanted to learn to read etiquette as well as our perceptions and to speak correctly of our discoveries. I’ve got a lot of information, and I need to systemize it. So I leave to a trip of France and when I come back, I’ll start with Italy.»

Kasheev Evgeniy: «My wife offered me a certificate for an individual course, but I choose collective lessons. And I think I didn’t lose. From the first evening I preferred a meeting with guys and Andrey to everything. I wait for continuation!»

Krasovskaya Tatyana: «Last November I finished the course of Italian wines, so for the French course I came consciously. It’s a great world to explore! »

Nadezhda Korchagina: «In our Art gallery we plan to make a small bar for the guests to appreciate good drinks. So for me these courses are a compellation of pleasure and use. I’ll keep learning! »

Eroshenko Vadim: «I joined the group as I was looking for the best way to open the land of wine for me. Andrey is a real professor who can explain how to taste and how to listen to my feelings. I will not drop the study.»

12 March 2013
RosGlavVino – guarantee of quality!

In terms of federal program «Guarantee of Quality» ROSGLAVVINO launched a project of financial guarantee of correspondence of quality of products to the demands of the law to the retail outlets.

Starting from the 18th of February 2013 the respective clause is included to all the contracts concluded with an authorized by federal program ROSGLAVVINO wholesaler.

As a result of the work of a Consulting center at the biggest Trading fair Prodexpo 2013 received proposals from the retailers a project of financial guaranties of the quality of wines produced under the support of ROSGLAVVINO was designed by the direction of the federal program. Most of retail networks of the country have already received an invitation to join the project.

Following letter was sent to the retailers: «According to the article 20 of the federal law dated 22.11.1995 N 171-ФЗ „About State regulation of production and turnover of ethyl spirit, alcohol and spirit containing drinks and about limits of consumption of the above drinks“ such a violation is a proper reason to cancellation of the license equal to the turnover of alcohol not corresponding to the demands of GOST... In case if the products covered by the guarantee of quality of ROSGLAVVINO are objects of claims of State regulative organs the Direction of the federal program will cover respectively the lost of the retailer». Corresponding clauses of the responsibility in terms of the project «Guarantee in retail» are already added to the contracts of an authorized by federal program ROSGLAVVINO trading company. During 2013 ROSGLAVVINO will terminate to form the guarantee profile and after that to propose a partnership to one of the biggest Assurance companies of Russia.

The Federal Enterprise ROSGLAVVINO is going to publish the information about the project «Guarantee in the Retail» aimed to fill Russian market with wine of guaranteed quality.

Source —

11 March 2013
Four wine factories are closed in the Krasnodar region

Four enterprises, producing about 20% of total volume of Russian wine are closed in the Krasnodar region.

The licenses of three of them — RPC «Slavyanskiy», «Dolina» Ltd., PPC «Severskiy» are suspended from the end of February due to counterfeit products found, the other RPC «Krasnoarmeyskiy» is closed because of bankrupt procedure.

The Union of Vine-growers and Wine-makers of Russia agrees with the decision of the Russian Alcohol regulation Control Department. The latest stated that such inspections will go out of the Krasnodar region.

The reason of the sanctions is the result of the control inspections of the products of the factories like 100% at PPC «Severskiy», 83% samples of «Dolina» Ltd. And 74% of products of RPC «Slavyanskiy». Partially there are facts of water added to wine, toxic substances in wine and aroma materials, prohibited by GOST.

The basis of the assortment of the enterprises is cheap wine in 1 liter boxes of 80 rubles price. Leonid Popovich, the President of the Union of Vine-growers and Wine-makers of Russia declared that these measures of the Russian Alcohol regulation Control Department are taken by honest wine-makers with gratitude: «The factories are taken at place; they produced low-quality products which couldn’t be called wine». According to the opinion of the chief of the sector agency ZIFFRA Vadim Drobiz, 2013 will be the last year when it will be possible to buy cheap wine in boxes: «I am sure that Russian Alcohol regulation Control Department will keep checking the producers of 80 rubles-boxes wine and as the result this category will just ruined. It is clear that it’s impossible to produce a wine with such a cost following all the demands of GOST».

Source —

07 March 2013
Wine makers from Bordeaux don't know how to sell

Philippe Magrez, a son of one of the most influential wine-makers of Bordeaux Bernard Magrez stated that many elite chateaux of the area don’t know how to sell wine. He underlined that the problems of the region become deeper due to high competition the sector. And the reason is that wine-makers are too far from commercial deals.

«If I work in the field of wholesales my aim is not to promote your brand but to sell your product», — declared Magrez Junior. — «the fact that lots of chateau owners don’t know trading rules makes great problems».

Magrez remarks that current generation of wine-lovers are not only oriented on Bordeaux but the rest of the world so the Bordeaux producers should pay more attention to the marketing. Smaller households would not survive, thinks Magrez. Another reason of the decline is incomprehension between the members of the families of the chateaux owners.

«I could name a half-dozen of chateaux which could achieve the same level as we do, but they didn’t, — says Magrez Jn. — The less people from the same family work in the company the better». However he considers his relationships with his father and sister very successful.

Source —

06 March 2013
The USA could use Château term

At the end of February a meeting had place concerning the question of use of special terms at wine labels.

Euro-commissioner of Agriculture Dachian Cholosh invited European wine-makers to work out general conditions of use of «traditional names» as it is needed to answer a request of the USA about a possibility of putting château term at wine labels.

«It would be useful to get an analysis of the complex of such terms. I would also like that wine-making community of Europe to work out some general conditions of usage of them which could be discussed with our foreign partners», — Cholosh declared at the meeting. — «These terms are protected by the law. A question is how they could be used by others».

Wine-making industry of the EU remarks La Revue du Vin de France there are lots of law protected «traditional names’, he most popular of them in France are «château», «clos» and «sur lie». Italy and Luxembourg also use the term château but the conditions are different there than in France.

According to an agreement concluded between the EU and the USA in 2006 the latest received a permission to use some traditional terms like château within a three-year period of transformation which is ended. La RVF informs that in 2010 the USA asked for special conditions to use the term.

Dachain Cholosh added that the wineries of California could use the term in case of «estimation of the conditions of its usage».

The theme of «semi-common» wine terms like château or champagne became actual after the second inauguration of the President of the USA Barak Obama where the wine card included «Californian champagne», this fact was taken by French producers with indignation.

Source —

05 March 2013
A whisky drop into sewer system in Scotland

The 28th of February workers of the Chivas Brothers factory missed 18 thousands liters of whisky went to the sewer system.

The workers have to wash the system with water to prepare the equipment for a new product, but his time by mistake whisky went away with water. The lack of the product was found next morning by 11 o’clock after turning on the system.

According to the data of the Environment Protection service the concentration spirit augmented in the river Liven and this will influence negatively the water supply of the city.

Chivas Brothers factory has 600000 workers and currently they try to find out the guilties of the accident and how it could happen.

The factory near the city of Dumbartone was built in 1938 for production of the so-named whisky Dumbarton from the Ballantine’s family. In the 90s the production was closed and transmitted to another place and the factory is destined to bottle famous trade marks of whisky Chivas Regal and Ballantine’s, as well as gin Beefeater.

Source —

04 March 2013
Chateau Fombrauge pushes the stars of Saint-Emilion

Blind tasting of wines of Saint-Emilion 1er Grand Cru determined a winner — Chateau Frombauge 2006. So its classification of Grand Cru Classe got the Fall of 2012 is proved.

Bernard Magrez, sure of the quality of the wine and the progress of development of the winery, the owner of the Chateau wasn’t afraid to present its wine against the stars of he appellation Chateau Ausone, Angelus, Pavi and Cheval Blanc. The competition touched two vintages — 2006 and 2007 during a blind tasting organized by Revue de Vins de France — RVF.. And he results were surprising.

The tasting determined an excellent form of Chateau Fombrauge, which over-passed famous Chateau Cheval Blanc 2007 as well as Chateau Ausone another 1er Grand Cru Classe A. Besides an ambitious Cuve Magrez Fombrauge showed too much cask and couldn’t win in the final. Chateau Fombrauge 2007 has got 17/20, and the vintage 2006 — 18/20!

Source —

01 March 2013
Cristal is coming back!

Champagne Cristal after a year of absence is coming back to Russia. The reason was in a trial between the producer Louis Roederer and the Federal Commerce Enterprise «Souzplodimport», the owner of the trade mark Kristal.

The latest demanded French producers to pay royaltywhich is taken now by the exclusive importer of Louis Roederer since 2009 the wine company Simple

Maxin Kashirin, general director of Simple announced the return of Cristal to Russia: «The supply restarted in December, 2012, we brought 11 000 bottles of Cristal at one time according to the year quote from Louis Roederer». This is twice bigger than the quotes for 2011 (6000 of bottles) which was taken in a third as the supply stopped during the summertime 2011.

According to the words of Mr. Kashirin, Simple didn’t wait the end of the argue between Louis Roederer and the Federal Commerce Enterprise «Souzplodimport» and agreed with the latest a temporal license of use of the trade mark owned by them and payment of a reasonable royalty, so under this agreement Simple will import Cristal to Russia. The size of the royalty was not pronounced, as Rospatent states the agreement was concluded the 25th of December 2012 and is valid till the 31th of December 2013, «Souzplodimport» from their side proved that the contract was concluded, but didn’t give any detail.

The trade mark Cristal Louis Roederer was created in 1876 under the order of a Russian Emperor Alexander II. Total year volume of production is 500 000 bottles. AC Nielsen data show that by the end of 2010 the line of the champagne house Louis Roederer took 2,11% of Moscow market of champagne in terms of value(in volume the leader was Moet & Chandon with 36,7%).

The royalty could be a temporal measure for Simple. At any rate, Maxim Kashirin believes that Louis Roederer and «Souzplodimport» would be able to sign an agreement of import of Cristal to Russia within several monthes. Patent attorney Marina Grineva, representing the interests of Louis Roederer proved that there are some discussion with «Souzplodimport», but didn’t give any details.

Source —

28 February 2013
The garagists of Russia create units

In the «Stavropol Wine Production» department a meeting of wine-making enterprises had place.

The reason was to revise and to amend The of the Stavropol region «About state support of wine making in Stavropol region».

The resolution was to create a «Union of garage wines of Stavropol» and a «union of producers of table wine of Stavropol» with the aim to solve problems of creating and increasing of smaller forms of wine-making sector as reports the press-service of the Ministry of Agriculture of the region.

The head of the «Union of garage wines of Stavropol» became a wine-maker with an experience of wine-making of 40 years Mr. Vitaliy Batrak, and the other union — one of the biggest farmer of table vine-grower Akhmed Akhmedanov.

By the way, the notion of «Garage wine» appeared in Russia recently. The history goes to France when in 80th Jean-Luc Tunevin created the first garage wine, the name is due to the fact that it was really made in a garage, as the wine-maker hadn’t a cave.«i didn’t invent anything, — said m. Tunevin, — I have just restored the oldest methods. It is not hard at all, you should just forget about time and select the best berries».

Source —

27 February 2013
Champagne for 45 thousands dollars

Not so far winery De Watere launched a special line of their champagne famous for being the most expensive one in the world.

The cost of a bottle of such special champagne De Watere is 45290 dollars. It is packed in a stylish bottle decorated with a coin of 24-carats gold with diamonds.

The coin is printed by one of the most known German Coin Court. The bottle is placed in a wooden box decorated by hand with gold.

The champagne is made of Pinot Noir (80%) and Chardonnay (20%). The rosé version is made of 100% Pinot Noir.
The line contents 22,5 thousands of bottles, 20000 are for sales, the rest will stay in the household of De Watere.

Source —

26 February 2013
Sales of Champagne go down

In 2012 volume of sales of Champagne in the world decreased to 4,4%, mostly due to the refuse of the European to drink champagne.

According to the data of Interproffesional Committee of Wine of Champagne (CIVC) the fall of sales in the EU was 13,3%, in France — 8,8% in December 2012.

Besides the export sales of French champagne grew last year to 3,2% and showed a record of 61 millions bottles.

Source —

25 February 2013
In the USA they sell more strong spirits than in Russia

According to the researches of an American analytical agencyImpact Databank volume of sales of strong drinks in the USA were 226 million decaliters in 2012.

This is almost twice more than in Russia. However, the population of the USA is twice bigger than in our country, so we could say, that Americans drink as much as Russians.

From 25 popular brands of strong alcohol drinks a dozen are vodkas ones. The first place is occupied by vodka Smirnoff from Diageo with 10,89 millions dal (grew to 2,15 vs 2011) of volume of sales in the USA followed by rum Baccardi with 10,67 millions dal.

The market of consumption of strong drinks in the USA keeps growing since several years. In 2012 the increase was to 3% till 226 millions dal. And the most significant increase is in the premium segment with retail price of 30 dollars per a bottle (to 8,9%). In the subpremium segment (18-30 dollars) this figure is 4,8%. Economic segment showed stagnation.
Irish whisky with an increase of sales in the USA to 22% is a leader of the realm. Vodka showed 4% or 5,5 billion dollars.

Source —

22 February 2013
Beaujolais crisis

Bad weather spoiled the game of French wine-makers. We can start speaking about a serious wine crisis in France as according to some data more than 200 French companies can be ruined due to the low harvest this year.

The situation in Beaujolais is terrific. French press say that more than 200 wine-makers from the region can close their enterprises. Wine association Inter Beaujolais is more optimistic, they say only 50. In average the volume of a year production in Beaujolais is 850000 hectaliters, last year it was to 49% less. And is the trend stays, the situation will put into danger 2,7 thousands wineries of the region, informs Inter Beaujolais.

And the reason is in bad weather, meaning frosts and hails damaged the whole area of Beaujolais this year. A representative Mr. Boujadet of the association clarifies that normally bad weather conditions can be in some parts of the region but not everywhere in Beajolais.

2012 was a terrific in this sens for the whole area. Mr. Boujadet names such a weather abnormal for wine-producers of Beaujolais. Maximum crop, registered in Beaujolais is 52 hectaliters per hectare. And last year it was only 30. As result, wine-makers depend on governments help to cover lost. Short-terms credit accommodations would help the producers to get by.

In this case they could survive but would earn nothing.

But for 50 wineries there is no chance, they will be in ruin, remarks the representative of Inter Beaujolais.

Source —

21 February 2013
A new thing for strong spirits lovers

One of these days they launched unusual glasses Brandy Pipe looking like a tobacco pipe.

In such a form of the glass there is not only an esthetic meaning but also a practical one as drinks like whisky, brandy and cognac should be warmed a bit before drinking.

To warm a drink is very comfortable if the glass is made like a pipe, and drinking the drink through the mouthpiece augment the enjoyment. The price of such an unusual glass is 20 dollars.

Source —

20 February 2013
China will become sixth biggest wine-producer

Vinexpo and The International Wine and Spirits Research together investigated the wine market and found out that by 2016 China will come from 8th to 6th place among the world wine-producing countries.

Robert Beyne, the head of Vinexpo remarked that the quality of Chinese wine kept improving and that would become a problem for French wine-makers due to the competition.

Besides exerts stated that China will take the second place after the USA and before France and the UK in terms of value of wine consumption by 2016.

They also wait for decrease of volume of import of wine in Chine within next 5 years to balance the increase of production. In 2007 — 2011 the volume of sales in China grew to 194,5%, the forecast of the this rate in 2012-2016 is lower — 47%, writes Vinum.Ru.

Source —

19 February 2013
«Fanagoria» is getting larger

The biggest Russian wine producer «Agricultural firm «Fanagoria» JSC this year is going to increase to a third the quantity of points of sales of proper retail network.

Currently there are 13 shops «Fanagoria» opened in cities and towns of the Krasnodar region — in Golubitskaya, Sennaya, Severskaya, Kanevskaya villages, Anapa, Sochi, Slavyansk-na-Kubani, Eysk and Novorossiysk. In 2013 4 more shops will appear — two in Krasnodar and one in Novocherkassk and Rostov-on-Don respectively.

Now the company is looking for convenient areas of 80 to 100 square meters to rent or bye, informs «Interfax — Ug».

Source —

18 February 2013
Georgian wine-makers slow down entrance to the Russian market

Return of Georgian wines to the Russian shops is delayed by Georgian part.

Department of Control of the Consumer Market of Russia reports that the list of 67 enterprises producers of wine and mineral water which had expressed their will (in different ways within the period of 2007-2013) to come back to the Russian market was sent to the Georgian part according to the agreement of the meeting on the 4th February 2013 with a commission leaded by L. Davitashvili, head of National Wine Agency of Georgia. Another list of companies (31 wine makers and 3 mineral water producers) which presented necessary papers of health safety and quality control to the Russian part was also given to the Georgian commission the same day. Besides in the package of documents there was a list of demanded information from the enterprises willing to enter the Russian wine market for checking. However, Georgia didn’t fulfill the agreement.

«We have to say that the agreement is not fulfilled by Georgia in terms of timing. Russian Department of the Consumer Market Control has already formed three groups of experts ready to leave for Georgian enterprises in a couple of days after receiving from them the necessary papers for checking. We also wait for a complete list of the enterprises from Georgian authorities as well as a proposal of the schedule and itinerary of the visits of the producers by our experts,» — says the official statement of the Department.

Earlier mr. Onishenko remarked that he didn’t see any real problem for Georgian wine and water to come back to Russia. «My personal position is that there is no significant problem. If there is no politics added... I don’t see problems as Georgian wine-making advanced a lot during last years», — declared the Chief Sanitary Doctor of Russia. He also said that the share of Georgian wine at the Russian market wouldn’t be big after the return, and wouldn’t overpass 4%. For Georgian side 4% of Russian market can be significant, for Russian side it doesn’t play a great role.

Source —

15 February 2013
Sites for wine-lovers

People not familiar with wine consider this subject as traditionally conservative and avoiding new technologies.

However, it is not true. We are ready to name at least three innovative sites meeting peoples with the world of wine. So, suggests to taste wine before buying a bottle of it. At the portal there is a list of samples of wine in sets of 6 bottles of 50 ml. The price of such a kit is 20-30 dollars. The samples are gathered in a set by producer, production area or other criteria. After tasting samples it is possible to buy a normal size bottle.

Lot18 uses another way to develop private sales. As it is possible to become a visitor only having a recommendation of an actual user of the site Lot 18. There are good wines from big producers with discounts on the portal. No mediators are between a producer and a buyer. That is the reason of the reduced cost.

Snooth is one more innovative site marring a wine portal with a social network. It was launched in 2007 and implemented lots of good service ideas for wine-lovers. One of them is called Wine Rack. It contents educational materials, as well as tasting notes of wine-lovers about wine with comments. Another interesting function of the resource named Cellar lets people to follow the status of the wine, which they have in their wine-cellars, like name, tasting notes, price, volume of the bottle, quantity of bottles etc.

Source —

14 February 2013
Wine casks hotel

In the Netherlands an unusual hotel opened made of 4 wine casks which are used as hotels rooms.

The hotel is situated at a pier of one of the oldest port towns Stavoren. The casks, which used to content 14.5 thousand liters of Beaujolais from French caves are now comfortable rooms for couples. Each of them is equipped with a bad, a bath, a TV-set, a radio and a phone.

According to personal preferences it’s possible to choose a red wine or a white wine cask, if it is not occupied.

The price of such a stay varies from 60 to 119 Euro per night, there are seasonal discounts system. This interesting hotel welcomes guests from all over the world.

Source —

13 February 2013
Production of vodka increases

In 2012 Russian producers made increased production of vodka to 13,2% till 97,7 villion decaliters vs 2011, the volume of production of beer and beer based drinks decreased to2,1% till 974 millions decaliters reports Russian Statistics.

Totally Russian enterprises augmented the volume of production of alcohol and alcohol free drinks to 4,8% in 2012 vs 2011. Decembers figures grew to 3,3% against the same month in 2011 and to 12/9% vs November 2012.

The volume of production of cognac grew to 20,4% in 2012 till 9,8 millions decaliters, mineral water to 9,6% till 3,96 billions semi-liters, sweet aromatic sparkling water to 12,8% till 378 millions decaliters. The volume production of table wine decreased to 9,2% till 36,7 millions decaliters.

Source —

07 February 2013
The biggest wine factory in the CIS

In three years there will appear a new wine-making factory in Crimea with the project capacity of 40 millions of bottles per year, reported the department of the information policy of the Soviet of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.< /p>

Valeriy Shamotiy, the president of the soviet of directors of the group of companies «Inkerman international» said that construction f the second line of the new enterprise.

The end of the works is planned to 2016. Valeriy Shamotiy announce that the factory will become the biggest in the CIS and the countries of the East Europe.

Anatoliy Mogilev, the head of the Soveit of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea remarked that for the Crimea wine industry creation of the enterprises of the full cycle is actual and profitable and the authorities do their best to make rules of wine business clear and transparent.


07 February 2013
In Crimea they will gather 100 thousand tones of grape

Current year harvest in Crimea is expected to be 110 thousand tones of fruit and berries and at least 100 thousand tones of grape.

According to the press service of the Ministry of the Agricultural Policy and Food Supply of the Crimea last year even though strong frost in February damaged gravely gardens and vineyards the harvest of fruit and berries was 109 thousands tones and the one grape was 75 thousands tones.

The highest results in fruit were shown by the households of Krasnogvardeyskiy, Nizhnegorskiy, Bakhchisarayskiy regions due to stimulation of the bearing of young apple gardens of intensive type so the increase of the crop was more than 15000 tones in volume.

During the year two refrigerators of 4,6 thousands tones storage capacity were launched, two more refrigerators 500 tones each were constructed. All the warehouses are equipped with a new gas regulated system.

This year the sector of gardening and vine-growing will be invested with a sum exceeding 286 millions grivna. They plan to plant 900 hectares of gardens and vineyards, organization of drop irrigation at the area of 800 hectares, construction of four new refrigerators for12000 tones and modernization of four others, purchase of three processing machines.

By 2025 the program of development of vine-growing and wine-making previews increase of volume of production of grapes till over 300000 tones.

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06 February 2013
Novelties of the alcohol market 2013

New year has just started and the alcohol market has launched lots of new products. Here below is the top ten of the novelties of January:

Whisky Auchentoshan 1966
The drink aged in big bourbon casks for 44 years, it was poured in the casks in 1966 and after three stage distillation it stayed there under the temperature control (12 degrees of Celcius). There are only 257 of this collection drink reserved for real connoisseurs. They would appreciate a hand made souvenir box of oak and decorated with aluminum, each of them has a serial number.

Champagne Gosset Celebris Extra Brut 1998 and Brut Rose 2003
Launch of these sparkling wines is interesting as it was simultaneous with the change of design. It is known that the idea was inspired by the little black dress that every woman should have.

Cream Gin
Cream Gin — is common work of an on-line retailer Master of Malt and a network of popular London cocktail bars The Worship Street Whistling Shop, Purl and Dach & Sons. The particularity of the gin of 40% is that it contents distilled cream.

Liquor Grand Marnier — Paris
Grand Marnier developed an orange liquor called Paris.
White wine Tercius Alvarinho 2011
A product of a Portuguese wine-maker Joao Portugal Ramos — Tercius Alvarinho 2011 will be distributed only through the network Marks & Spencer. The launch of this wine is dictated by the increase of interest to white light wines in Europe.

Whisky GlenDronach Cask Strength
Whisky GlenDronach 54,8% was bottled in November, 2012. The first part of the drink of 12000 bottles is on the shelf now.

Champagne Dom Ruinart Rose 1998
Ruinart has launched to the British market a new product — champagne Dom Ruinart Rose 1998, made of 85% Chardonnay and 15% Pinot Noir

Vodka Absolut Hibiscus
This is the first vodka with flower taste it contents Hibiscus and pomegranate.

Vodka Belvedere Red
It is produced as limited edition two last years in terms of Anti-AIDS program. Now it came to the British market. The half of all received money goes to the World Fund of AIDS Struggle.

Whisky Chivas Regal 18
Package of the limited edition of whisky Chivas Regal designed an Italian company Pininfarina. According to the words of the designers they wanted to underline the luxury character of the brand. Exterior o f the package for the bottle of the whisky looks like a drop of water that should associate with course.

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05 February 2013
The Major of Dijon sells wine collection

The City Hall of Dijon (Burgundy) sold at an auction 3500 bottles of wine from its famous collection which had been collected from the 60s of the 20th century.

The most expensive lot (a bottle of Vosne-Romane Cros Parantoux 1999) went to a Chinese buyer for 4800 Euro, totally the City Hall got 150 000 Euro. This money are supposed to cover a hole in the budget for social programs.

This sales of the Republic heritage is an exotic but inevitable measure. Although French economy is not in such a pitiful condition as Spanish or Greek one, the expenses of the government grow and income goes down. The economy keeps staying in the recess stage, unemployment reached its maximum for 15 years (10,3%), so the government launched a great program of tax increase to cover the budget deficit.

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04 February 2013
Ukraine: volume of production goes down

The volume of grape production of the vine lands of Ukraine went down to 12,6%, gave 456 thousand tones in 2012 vs 521,9 in 2011.

Total area of bearing vine last year was 67,9 thousand hectares, what is less than in 2011 to 1,7% and the vine gave in average 67,2 centner per hectare (decrease to 11%). Preliminary data are that gross harvest in 2012 declined to 13,1% or 292,9 thousand tones, gathered area diminished to 2,3% or 55 thousand hectares, the crop capacity of the bearing vine decreased to 11% till53,3 centners from a hectare of gathered area, reports RBK-Ukraine.

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01 February 2013
100 years old whiskey will be taken back to the Antarctica

Three bottles of 100 aged whiskey will come back to Antarctica where they were found. The whiskey was a property of a British traveler expedition Ernest Sheklton who intended to conquer the South Pole more than 100 years ago.

Produced in 1898 the whiskey was left by the members of the expedition in a house at an Antarctica base at the Cape Royds while they were leaving it in hurry in March, 1909. The reason the hurry was the risk of freeze of the shore water with the winter ices. In 2010 only five cases of whiskey and brandy were found by researchers.

The discovery was sent to the company Whyte and Mackay, a supplier of Sheklton of the period to find out lost recipe of the drink. A limited edition of restored recipe whiskey was made by the whiskey-makers. The sample for the research was taken by an injection of the cork of the bottle, so the cover says hermetic. In terms of the program of protection of Antarctica expeditions 1898 — 1915 authenticity three bottles of the ancient drink will be returned to the house of the traveler.

Premier-minister of New Zealand John Kay in person gave the discovery to the fund of Antarctica heritage of New Zealand, members of which had been in the group of researchers found the bottles. «I guess everyone among us would be happy to open it and try», — Mr. Kay joked at the ceremony.

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31 January 2013
In a swallow

Euro-Asia Economical committee (EAEC) will develop unified rules of production and turnover of alcohol in the countries of the Custom Union (CU) in the first quarter of 2013, declared Andrey Slepnev, Minster of Trade of EAEC. That will create equal conditions for concurrence of alcohol products.

The question is important as Belarus and Kazakhstan producers propose to take off the limits of supply in terms of the Union and Custom Union accordingly. Russian market is the biggest among ex-USSR markets (60% of alcohol sales every year). Russian producers and suppliers from «Far-foreign» countries dominate at it and the share of nearest neighbors doesn’t overpass 10%. At the latest meeting of EAEC Kazakhstan producers remarked that during the importation and transit process through Russia there are facts of «over-attention» to all the transportation and covering documents from the Russia responsible organs.

More than this from the 1st of January 2013 a new rule is implemented for the transportation of alcohol drinks with alcohol content more than 25% — every vehicle should be licensed. This rule is not implemented in the other countries of CU, that is why the question is discussed at EAEC.

Unified rules are still not put into life as the excise rates of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan are not harmonized yet, even though such an agreement was signed in August 2012. It means that Russian alcohol excise correction will be done in a way that Belarus and Kazakhstan will increase their rates accordingly by 2020.

An international group for the development of the agreement concerning the unified rules of turnover of alcohol products in the region the Custom Union will be created, reports Mr. Slepnev. Besides every part has already presented a project of such rules.

«Implementation of unified rules in the sector will increase the sales of the UC countries products in Russia, — the Director of a Kazakhstan transport company „Betta-Snab“ Maras Bekkaliev explained to RBK, — as Russian demand of Kazakhstan wine and brandy grows especially in the border zones».

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30 January 2013
Wines popularity grows

The volume of consumption of wine in the world increased in 2012 even in spite of world economic crisis, reports director of Vinexpo Robert Beynat.

As he says in absolute figures the rate of consumption of wine went down, but relatively other products this rate grew. And the trend is stable for wine and sparkling wine.

At the same time Mr. Beynat remarks that the customers prefer drink wine at home and not in public places that is why European restaurants should revise the prices of their wine. More detailed information is to be published in the magazine of the sector (International Wine & Spirit Research) on the 5th of February.

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