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17 November 2017 № 337


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25 October 2014
The Anti-alcohol laws will be toughen in Russia

It seems hopes of easing the harsh rules of regulation of the alcohol market in our country that suddenly appeared after the spring meeting of the Russian government in Abrau Durso, not destined to come true. So far everything is exactly the opposite.

Two bills relating to tighten the rules of sale alcoholic drinks deputies can see at the beginning of the autumn session.

The first bill includes a ban on the sale and consumption of alcohol in all buildings of the government, the same federal and local, the newspaper «Komsomolskaya Pravda». Thus, from the cafes and buffets located in office buildings and service oriented deputies and officials, will disappear even beer.

According to the second draft is expected to ban the sale of alcohol in cafes, bars and restaurants located in apartment buildings. However, the system of regulation of such a ban is at the discretion of local authorities.

According to experts, this initiative will benefit first of all chain restaurants and cafe large retail chains.


15 July 2014
Experts evaluated white wines «Elbuzd»

The expert committee of the East European Sommeliers and Experts Association held a tasting of white wines of the first harvest of farm «Elbuzd».

There were the wines from Chardonnay, Riesling and Gewurztraminer on the professional tasting, produced on modern equipment winery «Tsymlyanskie vina».

The experts highly appreciated first vintage of the new farm located on the south of Rostov region. The experts noted tasting sample of Riesling particularly as balanced and harmonious one, with pronounced varietal characteristics.

Products of the winery «Elbuzd» will appear in the general sale next year. Yet now Rostov’s wine connoisseurs can buy a limited batch of wine from varieties of Gewurztraminer and Riesling of harvest 2013 at wine boutiques and bars of Mozart Wine House.

27 May 2014
Russia set to invest $1bln in Crimean wine

The Russian government is considering investing up to RUB30bn (US$1bn) to develop winemaking in the recently annexed Crimean Peninsula over the next several years.

The funding is set to be approved at a forthcoming meeting of the Russian government under the leadership of Russia’s Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, who has praised the quality of Crimean wine.

According to Medvedev, Crimea’s total vineyard area reaches 31,000 hectares and the region has perfect conditions for the development of winemaking.

At present, due to closure of the Ukrainian market to Crimean wine, the Russian government has ordered leading national retail chains to provide spaces for it on their shelves.


12 May 2014
Stefano Campedelli: «I have a little allergy to wine guides»

Stefano Campedelli, winemaker and the owner of Azienda Agricola Marion, held a presentation their farms and introduced lovers of noble drinks his products in academy of sommeliers Mozart Wine House.

Stefano Campedelli: «I have a little allergy to wine guides»

The small producers are doing higher quality wines than the producers of multimillion parties. Ones are positioning themselves as producers of perfect Amarone often. In fact little family farms are the real defenders of this wine. But ultimately the quality product makes small producers.

MWH: I want to talk with you about the production of wine. A large number of producers come to us at the Academy and many of them use principles of biodynamic in their production. Do you think that biodynamic is a fashion trend or the realities of the modern world? Are you using biodynamic?

SC:Here, in my opinion, the quality of wine must stand at the head. It must take the first priority.

Even a great biodynamic master Josko Gravner believes that important thing is the quality of products. No matter it is biodynamic or not. I use the minimum number of chemistry.

I do not think that production of wine by biodynamic process is so necessary.

We live in a polluted world and we need to understand its realities.

There are two groups of people. The first believe in the biodynamic, the second use it as a marketing ploy. I do not use biodynamic.

MWH: And the last, the traditional question. Please give some advice to students of our academy sommeliers who are just starting out in the world of winemaking

SC: You must to taste, to taste, to taste. I’m not a sommelier. I studied all on my experiences. But I can say that the theoretical knowledge that students receive in the classroom is very important. And in the future you need to taste, to compare wines from different regions, and so on. It’s like a person who is going to run a marathon; he must to train every day to win.

I want to mention your tasting class. I travel a lot and rarely have met so professionally equipped classes. So, your students are very lucky (smiles).

MWH: Stefano, thank you for a fascinating tale and tasting. We are pleased to welcome you in our academy of sommelier Mozart Wine House in the future!

12 May 2014
Gruppo Campari sold the Odessa factory of sparkling wines

The CEO of the Italian producer Gruppo Campari, Bob Kunze-Kontsevich, said recently that the company sold the Odessa factory of sparkling wines.

He noted that the company had decided to stop the production of drinks in this region in the autumn of 2013 and to do only supplies. The deal of selling of the Odessa factory was over in February. However it wasn,t announced who and how much paid for this factory.

Italian company bought the Odessa factory of sparkling wines by the «Overline» group for $ 18 million in 2008.


09 May 2014
The summer season opens!

Wine bars Mozart Wine House and French restaurant Pinot Noir invite you to the opening of the spring-summer season.

The summer season opens!

Now you can enjoy the warm rays of the spring sun, and of course, great food, fine wines and other noble drinks on the terraces of wine bars MozartWine House and restaurant Pinot Noir.

And for those who are afraid of the cool winds and changeable spring weather, we want to reassure — terraces are equipped with comfortable heaters, and to the most thermophilic we can offer cozy blankets.

Wine bar Mozart Wine House: Pushkinskaya Street, 112, tel.: +7 (863) 2999–209

Tapas-bar Mozart Wine House: Bolshaya Sadovaya Street, 130, tel.: +7 (863) 263-13-90

French restaurant Pinot Noir: Pushkinskaya Street, 25, tel.: +7 (863) 240-81-38

07 May 2014
Rudy Kurniawan has served his sentence

A penniless and isolated Rudy Kurniawan has already faced 27 months in custody and should not face further time behind bars, lawyers for the convicted wine fraudster have argued.

pre-sentencing report submitted by Kurniawan’s defence team, Jerry Mooney and Vincent Verdiramo, says that their client is too poor to pay anything but a nominal fine of $12,500.

The US government has already seized millions of dollars of Kurniawan’s assets, it says.

It also argues for a prison sentence of 27 months and points out that Kurniawan has spent 27 months in custody since his arrest, meaning he could be seen to have served the appropriate time in prison already.

Indonesian-born Kurniawan, who last December was found guilty by a jury of making and selling more than $1m of counterfeit fine wines that he had concocted in the kitchen of his Los Angeles home, is due to be sentenced in New York on 29 May.

He could face up to 40 years in prison for his crimes, which also include fraudulently attempting to secure a $3m loan.


05 May 2014
TWE forced to deny Pernod approach

Penfolds producer Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) has denied any approach for parts of its business from Pernod Ricard, after speculation of a possible deal saw its share price spike.

Treasury Wine’s share price rose by 15% on the Australian stock exchange after the head of Pernod Ricard’s wine arm, Jean-Christophe Coutures, said Treasury’s US wine assets were attractive.

Pernod Ricard is seeking to build scale in the US and last month agreed to acquire Kenwood Vineyards in Sonoma Valley, California.

Treasury, which has been considered a potential acquisition target since splitting from Foster’s Group in 2011, has faced repeated calls from some analysts to exit the US wine market following several years of weak return on investment there.

Coutures was quoted as saying Pernod would take a look at Treasury’s US assets, if they become available, but the firm is not actively seeking deals.


30 April 2014
The prices of vodka and cognac in Russia have risen

Since March 11, 2014 a bottle of vodka of 0.5 liter capacity can not be cheaper than 199 rubles in shops. A minimally possible retail price on alcoholic drinks was increased to 170 rubles per half liter in accordance with the Order of the Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation.

The same order were increased the price of cognac and brandy. Since 11 оf March 2014 a minimum retail price for a bottle of cognac 0.5 liter is 322 rubles (previously it was 280 rubles). A minimum price for a half-liter of brandy is 293 rubles (previously it was 250 rubles).The next raise the minimum price for vodka will be on 1 of August 2014 and will amount to 220 rubles. The PAP explained the need to revise the prices of alcohol products because of increase rate of excise duty on alcohol stronger 9% from 400 rubles to 500 rubles for 1 liter of anhydrous alcohol in 2014.

Change of alcohol prices also caused by a rise in prices for grain and grapes and tariffs for electricity and gas.


24 February 2014
The master class «Dinner with wine»

On the 26th of July East European Sommeliers and Experts Association and Sommelier Academy Mozart Wine House will organize the master class «Dinner with wine». This fascinating master class is for those who are just starting their familiarity with the fascinating world of wine.

The master class «Dinner with wine»

In a simple and accessible form the teacher will tell how to organize the dinner with wine at home, and will demonstrate the basics of serving and wine tasting.

The cost of participation is 2500 rubles.

Booking by phone. +7 (863) 206-11-22.

Seats are limited!

23 February 2014
Wine degustation evenings

The company Mozart Wine House and the restaurant Pinot Noir begin the project «Wine and gastronomic club». It aims to unite people for whom wine is a part of life, a source of cultural and gastronomic pleasure.

Wine degustation evenings

During the meetings of the club, which are held at the restaurant Pinot Noir twice a month, we will learn to learn the wine as it is done by experts, especially open wine and cuisine around the world, learn to recognize the wine flavors and all the subtleties of taste.

On each evening you can taste traditional dishes of a wine region with the wines which perfectly complete the local specialties. You will be able to assess the diversity of one grape variety, quite differently reveals itself in different terroirs. A qualified sommelier will help you make a fascinating journey to different corners of Europe.

The events will be held by Alexey Skidan, a member of the East European Association of Sommeliers and experts, certified sommelier, who has extensive experience in the field of wine and restaurant business, chief sommelier of Mozart Wine House.

Also we offer you a unique opportunity to taste the best wines of the world at reasonable prices. And all this in combination with fine French cuisine in the performance of chef Michel Christmann in the cozy atmosphere of Pinot Noir. Great wines and great cuisine… What may be better?

To receive the program of wine evenings call us: +7 (863) 240-81-38.

05 February 2014
Valentine’s Day

On the 14th of February the restaurant Pinot Noir invites all lovers to celebrate one of the most romantic holidays — Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day

We offer to you a special menu from chef Michel Christmann, a sweet surprise for a loving couple as a gift, romantic atmosphere and beautiful French music! And, of course, great wines and other fine drinks, warm hospitality and European service!

You’re welcome! Reserve your table now: +7 (863) 240-81-38.

13 December 2013
The Ukraine will not refuse from champagne and cognac

The Ukraine got transition 10 years period for renaming alcoholic beverages wich use patented foreign names. The representative of the government of Ukraine on European integration, Valeriy Pyatnitskiy announced this news.

Remind that one of the European’s demand is a veto using the names — «champagne» and «cognac».
However according to Pyatnitskiy, European investment Bank and EBRD are ready to give money for plants which have to change the names of their products. The official noted that a credit agreement will be drown up, dealing with the modernisation of production and transition to new trade names.
But nobody can foreseen the reaction of the customer demand.

12 December 2013
Тhе tasting of Russian wines

On the 11th of December at Sommelier Academy Mozart Wine House with the support of East European Sommeliers and Experts Association was taken place a final meeting of the regional tasting committee devoted to quality of wines produced by wineries of Rostov region.

Тhе tasting of Russian wines

At this event was presented both known and new wine samples of Don manufacturers. The event was organized and conducted by the Department of Consumer Market of Rostov region.
During the professional tasting all the wines was judged on international 100 point scale of East European Sommeliers and Experts Association, that usually applied by the specialists of regional tasting committee.
You can see the results of the professional tasting of products of Dons winemakers on the site

10 December 2013
A successful purchase

Carolyn Frey, the first person of the house Rhone Paul Jabulet and Bordeaux Сhateau la Lagune, will have one more farm in Bordeaux — Сhateau d’Arche.

The Frey got 85 hectares La Lagune in 2000. Till that time it was the only winery in the region, but now have added 9 more hectares of Chateau d’Arche cru bourgeois in O’Medoc, classified in 1932. Chateau was bought from negociant home Maller-Bhesse,it’s a large Bordeaux wine company which has a share including Chateau Palmer, as well as asset from such farms as Chateau Picard in Saint-Estephe, Сhateau la Couronne in Saint-Emilion and some others. Such sorts of grape like Cabernet Sauvignon, Melo, Cabernet franc, Petit Verdot are grown in this vineyard.

As a fact, for a long time Chateau was supervised the same team as Palmera. In turn, it’s well known that the Frey has not only wine house Paul Jaboulet Aine, but also Billecart — Salmon and it constantly develops their expansion.

11 October 2013
Such different glasses

The shape and the size of wine glasses affect the amount of wine that we pour. This was established by researchers from the University of Iowa (Iowa State University, USA). In the study, the researchers asked participants to pour into glasses of different shapes and sizes as much wine as they consider the norm.

As a result, it was found that wide glass is poured onto 12% more wine than in standard glasses. The color of wine is also influenced by the flow rate. The survey found that white wine is poured into a glass a 9% increase over the red wine. A decisive role played by higher contrast of red wine glass with clear glass. The researchers also found that a lot depends on where the glass has been when pouring the wine. In the glass, which is held in the hands, they poured into 12% more wine than a glass that is on the table.

Source —

09 October 2013
Armenia will triple the production of wines

The Government of Armenia approved the program of development of the wine industry in the export-oriented industrial strategy. According to the development program by 2020 the volume of wine production in the country should increase by 3 times, up to 15 — 20 million liters per year. The government has already started to implement the program to provide assistance to wineries.

Assistance has received three of the company. The company «Golden Grape ArmAs» received extensions for 3 years to pay VAT. «Saky & Sons» received a soft loan of $ 90 million drams, «Armenia Wine» received a deferral of payment of VAT in the investment of 1.4 billion drams.

Source —

09 October 2013
The tasting is held at the «Cheers»!

On 30th of September at Sommelier Academy Mozart Wine House under support of the East European Sommeliers and Experts Association and «RUST Inc.," a presentation of the wine house Gancia was held.

The tasting is held at the «Cheers»!

Natalia Kurylo, brand product manager Gancia (Moscow), told the audience about the history of the house and held a tasting of sparkling wines and vermouths Gancia.

The guests appreciate all tasting samples, and each participant coold choose the tasting drink to his own taste: exquisite Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore, classic Cuvee Brut Metodo Classico, refined Rose Brut, fragrant Asti, bright and fruity Brachetto, and vermouths Gancia.

09 October 2013
Champagne tasting in Mozart Wine House

On 3rd of October the tasting dedicated to champagne wines Laurent-Perrier took place at the Sommelier Academy Mozart Wine House under support of MBG company and East European Sommeliers and Experts Association. The tasting was held by Arnaud Longuet, an export director of Laurent-Perrier winery.

Champagne tasting in <nobr>Mozart Wine House</nobr>

Participants tasted four samples of Laurent-Perrier champagne wines from Ultra Brut to Brut, Rose and Demi-sec and noted their perfect quality and elegant style.

We thank our partners — MBG company and personally Arnaud Longuet — for a fascinating presentation and quality wines.

09 October 2013
Great wines of Spain

We continue our series of enogastronomic dinners and tasting of the best wines in the world.

Great wines of Spain

On October 12th the dinner, devoted to the great wines of Spain will be held. Alexey Skidan, vice-president of the East European Sommeliers and Experts Association, certified sommelier, who has extensive experience in the wine and restaurant business, will hold this event.

Wines for the dinner:
— Hacienda Monasterio Reserva Especial Ribera del Duero DO 1995 (Robert Parker — 93/100)
— Vega Sicilia Unico Ribera del Duero DO 1999 (Robert Parker — 93/100)

Hacienda Monasterio Reserva Especial 1995 is a delightful wine with a bright character, which was made by the talented enologist, a brilliant winemaker Peter Sisseck. Vega Sicilia winery produces truly unique wines that are elegant, powerful and have great aging potential.

At the dinner you can taste these outstanding wines and perfect dishes from the chef Michel Christmann at Pinot Noir restaurant.

To reserve a place, please, call +7 (863) 240-81-38.

07 October 2013
The places of spirits’ sales will shorten

According to plans of the Russian Alcohol Regulation system, by 2016 Russia should reduce by half the number of places where spirits are sold. The officials are betting on «weak» drinks, first of all, the wine. And rather soon Russia must get its strong wine industry.

The bill, already introduced in the State Duma, has to provide impetus to the development of the industry, producing its own wine. It creates conditions for the emergence in Russia of wine with a protected geographical name.

Source —

13 September 2013
The committee of champagne wines against Apple

Interprofessional Committee of champagne wines (Comité interprofessionnel du vin de Champagne, CIVC) doesn’t allow Apple to use the word «champagne» for the new color of IPhone.

In contrast to the Bordeaux, the Champagne was not in general use color name. You cannot take it that there is no such color as champagne. The company, which is going to use that word, wants to do this in order to inform their clients about the color of the product, and to take a positive champagne — the director of the Legal Department of appellation the Champagne Charles Gemer said in the L’Union-L’Ardennais newspaper.

CIVC has extensive experience in the legal fight against the misuse of the word «champagne».

In particular, this word has banned to use for manufacturers toothpaste, underwear, shoes, etc. in the past.

One of the most famous litigation of CIVC with the INAO waged against Yves Saint Laurent House, which issued the perfume Champagne in several markets.
Source —

11 September 2013
Wine and depression

The scientists at the University of Navarra have published the results of a seven-year study, which was attended by 5,500 people.

The scientists say that drinking wine in an amount of from two to seven of wine glasses a week reduces the risk of depression by an average of 32%. The relevant study was conducted by scientists from the University of Navarra in Spain. Its results relate mainly to people in middle age and elder.

5500 people who use wine in small and moderate amounts, between the ages of 55 and 80 years participated in the study which lasted for seven years. The scientists monitored their level of alcohol use, a mental health and a lifestyle. Those of study participants who drank alcohol moderately have been exposed to «significantly lower» risk of falling into a depression.

«Alcohol in small amounts can provide protection from depression as well as in the case of diseases of the cardiovascular system. It is believed that the mechanism of depression and related disorders the same «- it is said by Miguel Martinez-Gonzalez, the senior author of the study.
Source —

09 September 2013
Tasting of Bisquit Cognac

The presentation of the Сognac house Bisquit (France) and tasting of its products took place at the Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House in support of «Alianta Group» (Moscow) and East European Sommeliers and Experts Association.

Tasting of Bisquit Cognac

To the attention of professionals of spirits market and connoisseurs of quality drinks three tasting samples were presented. Each of them has found its fans. But the Cognac Bisquit XO was, no doubt, the crowning glory with a soft, intense flavor with predominant notes of oak, candied fruits, sandalwood, saffron and walnuts, and a rounded full-bodied taste with a long aftertaste.

We thank our partners — «Alianta Group» Company and personally the Bisquit brand-ambassador Evgeniy Yaroslavsky for the fascinating presentation and quality drinks.

09 September 2013
Mozart Wine House gives presents!

From 5 to 30 September, the boutique of wine and delicacies Mozart Wine House, located at Pushkinskaya, 29, announces a win-win action: we give gifts to each buyer at the purchase of 1,000 rubles!

Mozart Wine House gives presents!

The additional discounts, useful wine accessories, a dinner at the restaurant Pinot Noir, a free training at the Academy sommelier Mozart Wine House and other valuable gifts are waiting for you!

Hurry, the quantity of gifts is limited!

You are welcome to visit us every day: from 10.00 till 21.00 to the boutique of wine and delicacies Mozart Wine House at Pushkinskaya str., 29, Phone:+7 (863) 206-11-22

09 September 2013
Welcome to the tasting!

On 20th of September the Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House, Perfect Company (Moscow) and East European Sommeliers and Experts Association are inviting you to a tasting of wines from the Rhone Valley (France).

Welcome to the tasting!

You will exploring the stunning wines from the winery Delas Freres, Wines will be personally presented by Herve Robert, export director and co-owner of the winery.

Wines for tasting are followi:ng
— Côte du Rhône AOC Saint-Esprit 2011
— Côte du Rhône AOC Saint-Esprit 2011
— Crozes-Hermitage AOC le Lon 2011
— Saint-Joseph AOC Le Chalet 2010
— Chateauneuf-du-Pape AOC from Pierre 2010
— Hermitage AOC Domaine de Tourette 2009

If you are of age, you are welcome to the tasting room of the Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House at Pushkinskaya str., 29 on 20th of September at 12.00. To book places, please, call +7(863)206-11-22.

09 September 2013
Wine by a bank card

The deputy Oleg Mikheev proposed to the State Duma a bill to ban the sale of alcoholic drinks for cash.

In his opinion if alcoholic drinks will be bought only by credit cards, it will allow better control of the market and also complicate the sale of alcohol to persons under the age of majority.

The experts believe that these measures will contribute to the development of the informal spirits market.

The head of the branch of the analytical agency TSIFRRA Vadim Drobiz says «The ban of alcohol buying for cash only reduce the availability of legal alcohol to the public».

He also recalls that the residents of the advanced economies use bank cards more often than the Russians, but the level of alcohol consumption increases there too, and both among women and young people. «This is including the aftermath of the global economic crisis, «- he said.

In the opinion of the expert, the sale of alcoholic drinks only by credit card is not practiced in any country of the world.
And in essence the manipulation of payment options alcoholic drinks will not help to solve the existing problems, according to «Rossiyskaya Gazeta».

Source —

09 August 2013
The Gai-Kodzor: a new look at the Kuban wines

On the 13th of August at 16.00 the Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House and Gai-Kodzor Vineyards invite you to a tasting of Gai-Kodzor wines.

The Gai-Kodzor:  a new look at the Kuban wines

We are waiting for the wine market professionals and connoisseurs of quality wines who want to discover new horizons of Russian wine.

Here is a list of wines for tasting:
— ROSE de GAI-KODZOR 2012 rose dry (the annual production is 5 400 bottles);
— ROUSSANNE de GAI-KODZOR 2012 white dry (5 800 bottles);
— VIOGNIER de GAI-KODZOR 2011 white dry (15 000 bottles);
— GEWURZTRAMINER de GAI-KODZOR 2012 white medium dry (2900 bottles);
— MUSCAT de GAI-KODZOR 2012 white sweet;
— TERROIR de GAI-KODZOR 2011 red dry (15 000 bottles);
— PINOT NOIR de GAI-KODZOR 2012 red dry (4300 bottles).

On the 13th of August at 16.00 we expect everyone who has reached the age of majority in the Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House at Pushkinskaya str., 29. To book places, please, call +7(863) 206-11-22.

29 July 2013
Germany is against

The Representatives of the German wine industry have expressed concern that the decision to lift restrictions on planting new vines in the EU would nullify the efforts aimed to stopping the overproduction of growth and quality.

At the end of June this year, it was announced that the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union will be amended.

Existing restrictions on planting vines will be lifted at the end of 2015. EU countries will be allowed to increase the area of vineyards, maximum of 1% per year until 2030.

Then the system will be reviewed again. «This is the biggest question in the wine world in Germany today — Steffen Schindler said, the marketing director of the German Wine Institute. Now we finally have a situation where there is no over-production, but this decision will put it at risk «We are afraid that production will increase in those areas where the vines just cultivated — he added, suggesting that the top regions will not probably be interested in increasing the acreage. I do not see the future of Germany in mass production. In other countries it turns out better».

Advocates of the new law argue that existing bans are an anachronism that deters the European wine industry in the global market.


25 July 2013
Discussion about development of wine-making

The round table discussion on «The development of viticulture and wine-making: current status and prospects of the industry, and foreign recipes for success» was held at the analytical center of the Government of Russian Federation.

Representatives of the Department of Agricultural and Food Market Regulation, Fisheries, Food Processing Industry of Ministry of Agriculture took part in it.

Actual tendencies and prospects of development of viticulture sector and winemaking in Russia, international experience, as well as prospects for promotion of domestic wine products to the international markets were discussed at the meeting.

At the round table, it was noted that the Russian Ministry of Agriculture has developed a set of measures, which was approved by the Government of the Russian Federation at the present time. Primarily they are aimed to the development of viticulture and wine-making industries of the country.

The State Program for Development of Agriculture and Regulation of agricultural products, raw materials and food for 2013–2020 is used for these purposes.