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21 september 2018
The wine maps making waves in Bordeaux.

Bordeaux specialist Pierre Le Hong makes a name for himself in the region by producing detailed,…

The wine maps making waves in Bordeaux.

6 april 2018
Château Giscours denies breaking chaptalisation rules.

Château Giscours in Bordeaux has strongly denied any suggestion that it purposefully broke rules…

Château Giscours denies breaking chaptalisation rules.

15 january 2018
Auction highlights: the most expensive wine lots of 2017

Can you guess which bottles ranked as some of 2017’s highest selling fine wines at auction? Sotheby’s…

13 january 2018
Plans begin to rebuild Signorello

The owners of Signorello Estate in Napa Valley have started plans for rebuilding after the winery…

11 january 2018
WSET Chief Executive awarded in New Year’s Honours

Ian Harris, chief executive of the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET), has been awarded Member…

28 august 2017
UPS to ship wine in three days to more countries

The US delivery company has said it is expanding its wine, spirits and beer shipping services…

26 august 2017
Antinori buys Chilean winery

Italian wine giant Marchesi Antinori has bought Haras de Pirque winery for an undisclosed fee.

24 august 2017
‘Lucifer heatwave’ kick-starts early Franciacorta harvest

Hot weather and drought mean that some sparkling wine producers in northern Italy have started…

8 august 2017
Troplong Mondot has been sold to Scor

St-Emilion's highly rated Château Troplong Mondot has been sold to French insurance company…

5 august 2017
All Britons want for summer is a box of wine

UK wine lovers are returning in their droves to bag-in-box wines, according to Amazon sales data…

3 august 2017
UK police raid uncovers thousands of suspected stolen wines

On Thursday 20 July, officers from Serious and Organised Crime Unit of the Kent Police raided…

1 july 2017
Hidden message reveals ancient soldiers’ thirst for wine

Scientists have revealed a hidden message on a fragment of ancient pottery on display in Israel,…

29 june 2017
UK heatwave sends Provence rosé sales soaring

Supermarkets and wine merchants have seen a strong increase in rosé sales in the UK during a…

27 june 2017
Château Soutard owner buys neighbouring Château

Following weeks of speculation around St-Émilion, Bertrand de Villaines, CEO of La Mondiale Grands…

2 june 2017
Krug launches luxury festival for £400 a ticket

Krug has announced it will be hosting a lavish, night-time Champagne, food and music festival…

30 may 2017
Bordeaux 2016 en primeur

Its been the biggest week so far of the Bordeaux 2016 en primeur campaign, with Left Bank stalwart…

27 may 2017
Viognier saviour Georges Vernay dies in the Rhône

Georges Vernay, one of the men who saved Condrieu in the Northern Rhône and put Viognier on the…

13 may 2017
More drinkers buy California wines above $10

Shipments of California wine across the US hit record levels last year, as volumes rose 2% to…

6 may 2017
Loire 2017 vintage in trouble after frost

There could be fewer Loire wines around from several appellations after winemakers were among…

30 april 2017
Argentina harvest 2017: promising vintage

Off the back of a very wet El Niño vintage last year, it was a relief for winemakers in Argentina…

24 september 2016
New Cru Bourgeois Classification to launch ‘in 2020’

More than three quarters of châteaux in Bordeaux's Cru Bourgeois classification have voted…

23 september 2016
Wine ‘war’ in Sancerre as vines vandalized

A dispute over who should be allowed to grow Sauvignon Blanc in the Loire appears to have spilled…

22 september 2016
Wine Enthusiast’s 2016 Wine Star Award Winner for Person of the Year: Wayne E. Chaplin

It isn’t always easy to grow up in the shadow of a parent who has built a successful business.

16 august 2016
Wine-making in Brazil

As Brazil is getting a lot of attention right now it may be appropriate to point out that there…

14 august 2016
Don’t confuse with Cava DO

Torres have announced their decision to differentiate their new sparkling wine, launching this…

11 august 2016
Fires on vineyards

A huge fire in Monterey County keeps getting bigger, but so far growers of the county's best-regarded…

13 june 2016
Bordeaux Estates Boost 2015 Wine Prices as Campaign Quickens

Bordeaux wine estates pushed prices higher as the sales campaign for the 2015 vintage quickened,…

12 june 2016
Champagne sales 2015: the facts

“Champagne is back” said Vincent Perrin, new CEO at the Comité Champagne, when speaking yesterday…

11 june 2016
From Blood to Wine – Innovation in technology aimed to assist winemakers

The three students from the Institut d’Optique Graduate School, part of the Université Paris-Saclay…

11 june 2016
From Blood to Wine – Innovation in technology aimed to assist winemakers

The three students from the Institut d’Optique Graduate School, part of the Université Paris-Saclay…