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25 February 2014
The master class «Dinner with wine»

On the 26th of July East European Sommeliers and Experts Association and Sommelier Academy Mozart Wine House will organize the master class «Dinner with wine». This fascinating master class is for those who are just starting their familiarity with the fascinating world of wine.

In a simple and accessible form the teacher will tell how to organize the dinner with wine at home, and will demonstrate the basics of serving and wine tasting.

The cost of participation is 2500 rubles.

Booking by phone. +7 (863) 206-11-22.

Seats are limited!

18 May 2013
A Spanish day in Mozart Wine  House

On the 23rd of May 2013 at 15.00 a meeting with a Spanish producer Miguel Torres, S.A. will take place at the tasting room of the Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House.

The event is organized by Millenium company (Moscow) under support of East European Sommeliers and Experts Association.

Mr. Javier Bartolome Rodriguez, Area Manager and Mireia Prim Fernandez, Brand Ambassador of the wine-making house will present the company and its wines.

Following samples will be tasted:

— Gran Vina Sol Penedes DO, 2011
— Gran Coronas Penedes DO, 2009
— Ibericos Rioja DOC, 2010
— Mas la Plana Penedes DO, 2009
— Natureo Rose, 2012
— Fransola Penedes DO, 2011
— Celeste Ribera del Duero DO, 2010
— брендиTorres 10 years

All of age connoisseurs are welcome to the tasting room of the Academy of Somnelier Mozart Wine House on the 23rd of May at 15.00, Pushkinskaya str., 29. To book places,please, call +7(863) 206-11-22.

7 May 2013
Wine-maker way

On the 3rd of May 2013 in the tasting room of the Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House under the support of East European Sommeliers and Experts Association a tasting of Miskhako wines took place. The Chief Wine-maker of the household leaded the event.

Roman Neborsky presented the winery and its products to the guests among whom there were the Don wine-makers, leading sommeliers of the city and connoisseurs.

The subject of the tasting was exclusives, so Roman showed not only the best dry white and red wines, but also sparkling wines, a sweet ice-wine and some old-house wines and a unique product, a sort of grappa which is produced not for sale.

After a presentation Roman answered the questions of the guests and Mozart Wine House couldn’t miss such a chance:

Mozart Wine House: Roman, in your words there are so much enthusiasm, it’s clear that your work is not just a job for you. What is your way of wine-maker?

Roman Neborsky: I graduated from the Kuban State Agricultural University, wine-making faculty and started to work as wine-maker. In 2005 I became the chief wine-maker of Miskhako. University gives the basis, and then it is communication and experience. I travel a lot, work with many people and try to get more experience to create my own style of wine-making. Before becoming the chief technologist of Miskhako I worked a lot with the person who occupied this post since the USSR. That is why we keep the traditions of the factory, we taste wines which were considered as model and try to get the best to bring it to our production. From the other side, our company for more than 10 year has been following a way of innovations; we replanted vines, improved our assortment and implemented new technologies. We have an Australian consultant but it doesn’t mean that he just come and say what to do. His role is very important in design of our general strategy, first we made normal our current processes, it took much time and forces, and now we started another work — to get a proper style, to find new decisions and to become better.

MWH: Roman, it looks like you keep learning even though you are the chief wine-maker. Are there some people whom you could call Teachers?

RN: Sure, there significant persons. From the very beginning it was Alexander Dmitrievich Karpenko, by the way the signature that you can see at the labels of «Zvezda Tamani» is his. And John, our consultant.

MWH: Well, and now you can feel yourself a Teacher giving a good piece of advice to the students starting their study in our Academy of sommelier on the 13th of May. How they can become professionals in the wine world?

РН: The most important thing is to develop professional erudition. It is necessary to be acquainted of every process in the world, news and changes. They should be interested in getting information and improve their knowledge all the time. Another important thing is personal involvement when your work becomes your hobby, it is vital to surround yourself with things and events which help in your job. Formality is not helping in wine-making. And the third rule of a good wine-0make is to love wine. Not only taste but drink it, make a part of personal culture implement it into your life.

MWH: Thank you for your words, let’s do it! And we wish you good luck in your wine way of the Don region. You are always welcome to our Academy!