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14 June 2018
Finishing of the sommelier course

The Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House has completed a professional intensive sommeliers course! We congratulate our colleagues on successful study and exams!

During the training, students got acquainted with the main wine regions of the world, studied the theory of tasting and reinforced it with the daily practice! The course was not limited to lectures on wine, but also included materials on strong alcohol, enogastronomy, rules of serving and behavior in the restaurant. At the end of the course, students have received sommeliers certificates and badges, certificates of the East European Association of Sommeliers and Experts (EESEA), as well as certificates of completion of the course. Good luck, friends!
29 May 2018
Bordeaux winemaking at the classes of professional sommelier’s course.

At the Academy of sommelier Mozart Wine House students have studied all the areas for the production of beautiful Bordeaux wine: from Medoc to Pomerol. How can you describe Bordeaux wines in one word? Perhaps the word "severity"will do. Wines have an amazing balance, elegant aroma and taste, dignity.

Even the word "Bordeaux" has something noble in its phonetics. It is here that such a powerful, courageous and energetic variety as Cabernet Sauvignon feels great, and, as if rejoicing and filling with the energy of the local terroir gives all the blame, showing its best qualities! This blessed land is considered to be the birthplace of the best wines in the world! The pearl in the middle, Sunny, surprisingly balanced for its honey taste, Sauternes Chateau Broustet Grand Cru classe! Classes are conducted by Andrew M. Ishchenko sommelier of the highest category, member of Russian, Moscow and the Italian Association of Sommeliers, graduated from the School of sommelier in the Italian Sommelier Association and leading Russian schools of sommeliers: "Nostalgia" and "Enotriya" (Moscow). He graduated from the courses of Michel Garner-expert on wine tasting analysis, leading teacher of the Lyceum of Hospitality Louis Martin bree (g. Manosque / France). Classes are held with the support of East European Association of Sommeliers and Experts (EESEA).
18 May 2018
Studying of Burgundy wine region at the professional sommelier course.

Students of the intensive professional sommelier course have studied Burgundy wine region and considered in detail such areas as Chablis, Côte de Beaune, Côte De Nuits, Puy-Fuisse, Maccone, Cote Shalonaise and Beaujolais. The culture, history of the mentioned regions were studied, grape varieties, the main producers and outstanding wines were considered.

The pearls in the tasting program were wines Volne, Pommard and Puy-Fuisse from the winemaker in the fourth generation-Olivier Cyrot. The classes were conducted by Andrey Mikhailovich Ishchenko-sommelier of the highest category, member of the Russian, Moscow and Italian Sommelier Associations, a graduate of the sommelier School under the Italian Sommelier Association and leading Russian sommelier schools: "Nostalgia" and "Enotria" (Moscow). He graduated from the courses of Michel Garner-expert on wine tasting analysis, the leading teacher of the Lyceum of Hospitality Louis Martin bree (Manosque / France). Classes are held with the support of East European Sommeliers and Experts Association (EESEA).
20 April 2018
"Classes in spirits on a professional sommelier's course!"

On the photo you can see the study of spirits under the leadership of Anton Bednyakov - connoisseur and a bar – manager of MOJO - bar!

This block of classes helped students of the professional sommelier's course learn to navigate in the variety of alcoholic beverages, to understand how cognac is different from Armagnac, Scotch whiskey — from the Irish and Japanese, as well as how to choose a drink you’d like to taste and what gastronomic pair to make for a particular distillate.
28 March 2018
Farnese Vini wines degustation at Mozart Wine House Sommelier’s Academy

On 27 march the professional degustation of bright and gorgeous Italian wines, presented by Farnese Vini have taken place in Mozart Wine House Sommelier’s Academy.

Brand-ambassador of Farnese Vini – Stenia Paparella has lectured to participants about terroir, history and grape varieties of tasting wines. Global Wine distribution is the importer of Farnese Vini wines in Russia.
21 December 2017
Award of documents and badges to the students of professional course "Sommelier"

Award of documents to students who have finished basic professional program of sommelier training took place.

Every student has gotten standard diploma and Academy of Sommelier’s certificates as well as certificates of East European Sommeliers and Experts Association. Moreover students have gotten badges of East European Sommeliers and Experts Association. Within the course students have learnt very closely history and theory of wine making as well as viticulture of France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Germany and the New World. Also students have known history of appearance and distribution of strong alcohol beverages, it’s styles and methods of production. Students have learnt theory of degustation testing from 4 to 8 samples of wine or strong alcohol of relevant region or style. Also learners worked with AIS-target and tasted different enogastronomic combinations. For full immersion in wine culture, students went to Elbuzd winery for participating in grape harvest and technological processes study under the guide of an aenologist of the winery. Practice in Pinot Noir restaurant also took place for some students. By the whole team of Mozart Wine House Sommeliers Academy we congratulate  new sommeliers and wish them good luck in their job and life!

2 December 2017
Degustation of Lallier’s great champagne wine

At 28th and 29th of November in Mozart Wine House Sommeliers Academy the presentation of Lallier’s great champagne wine firstly imported in Russia has taken place.

Lalliers’winemakers produce it using the best Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes harvested in the vineyards of Aÿ and Oger communes. Four of the seven Lallier’s champagne wines have Grand Cru status that means terroir’s uniqueness and winemaker’s highest skills. Lallier’s champagne house Brand Ambassador and oenologist  Constance Delaire has carried out the presentaion. The importer and exclusive distributor in Russia is Global Wine distribution company. 

3 June 2016
Viña Zorzal in the Academy of sommelier Mozart Wine House

2 June 2016 at the Academy of sommelier Mozart Wine House took place the presentation of winery Vina Zorzal and the wine tasting from the manufacturer.

As the younger generation of producers of Viña Zorzal, the large bodega on the border of Navarra and Rioja Vinicola Corellana, observed ruefully to UK importer Ben Henshaw of Indigo Wine, if only their father had set up shop 15 minutes' drive further south, they could have sold all their wines as Rioja and had a rather easier time of things than they do at the moment, saddled with the rather obscure region of origin Correlana.

Work in the household is distributed: for the vineyards cultivated exclusively by hand and according to organic methods of viticulture, Mikel Sanz looks, for vinification, using exclusively natural yeasts iñaki, and for the promotion and export – Shabi.

In 2014 the lineup of wines of Navarre was joined by Rioja assembled in Alaves from old vines. The vineyards with the brothers work in Navarre and in Rioja, are high enough in the foothills of the Sierra Cantabria, about 550-600 meters above sea level, thereby maintaining a fresh style of wine and rich aromatics. At the winery the main principle of less=more. In an attempt to convey as accurately as possible the unique regional character of wines, not to say the character of each vineyard, the brothers try as much as possible less to interfere in natural processes.
Born this way a very precise, clean and elegant wines, able to convey the essence of what the philosophy of the family, and the uniqueness of the neighbouring two great regions! White wines Vina Zorzal have a pleasant, fresh taste, and the reds are deep and tannic wines from autochthonous varieties represent their region in all its splendor and charm.

At the tasting were presented white varietal wines Garnacha Blanca and Chardonnay, rose (saignant) of Garnacha, Tempranillo red wine aged in steel, and aged in French barriques Graciano, Malayeto (single vineyard) and the wine assemblage Señora de las Alturas.
In the opinion of the tasters for white wines Vina Zorzal has a pleasant refreshing taste, and the red is deep and tannic wines from autochthonous varieties represent their region in all its splendor and charm, show silky tannins, good balance of acidity and a long finish.

We thank our partners - the company Grape for organizing and executing this event.

27 May 2016
Meeting with the cognac producer Laurent Lheraud

On may 26, 2016 in the tasting hall of the Academy of sommelier Mozart Wine House with support of East European Association of sommeliers and experts took place the presentation of alcoholic beverages Lheraud cognac house.

The presentation was held by the son of the head of the house Laurent Lheraud, directly involved in the processes of production, and exports-Director Alexander Massin.

Cognacs Lheraud are made by the traditional way, by double distillation, without modern electronic devices, plain caramel, sugar and other ingredients, by mixing alcohols of the same year, so they are different natural color and natural flavor and are unique. The bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (BNIC) controls all stages of cognac production, confirming their origin and quality.

At the tasting were presented cognacs Lheraud Cognac VS, Cognac Lheraud Cuvee 10, Cognac Lheraud 1979, Armagnac Lheraud 1979 and Pinot de Charentes Rosé Perle Collection.

The preferences of the tasters were split: some have noted the youthfulness and lightness of cognac VS, someone estimated the 10-year-old cognac for its richness, structure and body, and others were conquered by the power of the vintages.The sweet Pineau des Charentes called in the memory of each favorite dessert.

2 April 2016
New professional sommeliers graduates!

Today in the Academy of sommeliers Mozart Wine House took place the presentation of diplomas for the first group of the course WINE PRO of this year.

During  two and a half months students plunged into the fascinating and multifarious world of noble alcoholic beverages, learned to listen and feel wine, to define his class and style, to appreciate it professionally, regardless of own preferences, to find magnificent food and wine combinations, to compose a wine collection. The course WINE PRO is the most interesting virtual travel worldwide acquainting with culture, history, philosophy and traditions of various countries and the various people. Students regularly passed difficult profile examinations and showed brilliant results. Certificates of graduate of Academy of sommeliers Mozart Wine House, certificates of member of East European Association of the sommelier and experts, distinctive badges, and also tasting of great Brunello di Montalcino DOCG Riserva Fattoria dei Barbi wine of 1997 became a desired award for persistent work, thirst for knowledge and love to wine.

We congratulate our graduates and we sincerely wish them to achieve progress in the chosen business, to reach the highest and ambitious levels and to remain at the same time sincere and human as we knew them!

To learn details about activity of academy of sommeliers Mozart Wine House and educational programs, and just as to register in list is possible on the official web-site of www.mozartwine.com, or by the phone 8(863)206-11-22.

28 May 2015
Course «Wines of Italy»

East European Sommeliers and Experts Association and Aсademy of sommelier Mozart Wine House continue their educational process during the evening course «Wines of Italy».

The course is a detailed overview of principal wine-making regions of Italy and makes part of evening course for wine-lovers and connoisseurs, who are interested in getting new information about wine-making of Italy as well as in systematizing of existing data. It is a great chance to know more about history and culture of the country and to enrich your tasting experience.

Evening courses are previewed for working people of students who can meet with interesting people and spend free time with use and pleasure.

Attested students will get an accredited certificate of the Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House.

You are welcome for our next day and evening courses! For detailed information see: http://mozartwine.com/eng/academy/programs/

13 May 2014
Stefano Campedelli: «I have a little allergy to wine guides»

Stefano Campedelli, winemaker and the owner of Azienda Agricola Marion, held a presentation their farms and introduced lovers of noble drinks his products in academy of sommeliers Mozart Wine House.

The small producers are doing higher quality wines than the producers of multimillion parties. Ones are positioning themselves as producers of perfect Amarone often. In fact little family farms are the real defenders of this wine. But ultimately the quality product makes small producers.

MWH: I want to talk with you about the production of wine. A large number of producers come to us at the Academy and many of them use principles of biodynamic in their production. Do you think that biodynamic is a fashion trend or the realities of the modern world? Are you using biodynamic?

SC:Here, in my opinion, the quality of wine must stand at the head. It must take the first priority.

Even a great biodynamic master Josko Gravner believes that important thing is the quality of products. No matter it is biodynamic or not. I use the minimum number of chemistry.

I do not think that production of wine by biodynamic process is so necessary.

We live in a polluted world and we need to understand its realities.

There are two groups of people. The first believe in the biodynamic, the second use it as a marketing ploy. I do not use biodynamic.

MWH: And the last, the traditional question. Please give some advice to students of our academy sommeliers who are just starting out in the world of winemaking

SC: You must to taste, to taste, to taste. I’m not a sommelier. I studied all on my experiences. But I can say that the theoretical knowledge that students receive in the classroom is very important. And in the future you need to taste, to compare wines from different regions, and so on. It’s like a person who is going to run a marathon; he must to train every day to win.

I want to mention your tasting class. I travel a lot and rarely have met so professionally equipped classes. So, your students are very lucky (smiles).

MWH: Stefano, thank you for a fascinating tale and tasting. We are pleased to welcome you in our academy of sommelier Mozart Wine House in the future!

10 October 2013
Champagne tasting in Mozart Wine House

On 3rd of October the tasting dedicated to champagne wines Laurent-Perrier took place at the Sommelier Academy Mozart Wine House under support of MBG company and East European Sommeliers and Experts Association. The tasting was held by Arnaud Longuet, an export director of Laurent-Perrier winery.

Participants tasted four samples of Laurent-Perrier champagne wines from Ultra Brut to Brut, Rose and Demi-sec and noted their perfect quality and elegant style.

We thank our partners — MBG company and personally Arnaud Longuet — for a fascinating presentation and quality wines.

10 September 2013
Welcome to the tasting!

On 20th of September the Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House, Perfect Company (Moscow) and East European Sommeliers and Experts Association are inviting you to a tasting of wines from the Rhone Valley (France).

You will exploring the stunning wines from the winery Delas Freres, Wines will be personally presented by Herve Robert, export director and co-owner of the winery.

Wines for tasting are followi:ng
— Côte du Rhône AOC Saint-Esprit 2011
— Côte du Rhône AOC Saint-Esprit 2011
— Crozes-Hermitage AOC le Lon 2011
— Saint-Joseph AOC Le Chalet 2010
— Chateauneuf-du-Pape AOC from Pierre 2010
— Hermitage AOC Domaine de Tourette 2009

If you are of age, you are welcome to the tasting room of the Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House at Pushkinskaya str., 29 on 20th of September at 12.00. To book places, please, call +7(863)206-11-22.

10 August 2013
The Gai-Kodzor: a new look at the Kuban wines

On the 13th of August at 16.00 the Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House and Gai-Kodzor Vineyards invite you to a tasting of Gai-Kodzor wines.

We are waiting for the wine market professionals and connoisseurs of quality wines who want to discover new horizons of Russian wine.

Here is a list of wines for tasting:
— ROSE de GAI-KODZOR 2012 rose dry (the annual production is 5 400 bottles);
— ROUSSANNE de GAI-KODZOR 2012 white dry (5 800 bottles);
— VIOGNIER de GAI-KODZOR 2011 white dry (15 000 bottles);
— GEWURZTRAMINER de GAI-KODZOR 2012 white medium dry (2900 bottles);
— MUSCAT de GAI-KODZOR 2012 white sweet;
— TERROIR de GAI-KODZOR 2011 red dry (15 000 bottles);
— PINOT NOIR de GAI-KODZOR 2012 red dry (4300 bottles).

On the 13th of August at 16.00 we expect everyone who has reached the age of majority in the Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House at Pushkinskaya str., 29. To book places, please, call +7(863) 206-11-22.

24 April 2013
Welcome to a tasting

On the 3rd of May at 12.00 in the tasting room of the Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House under the support of East European Sommeliers and Experts Association a tasting of «Miskhako» wines will take place.

Deputy general director, chief technologist Roman Neborsky will present the winery and its products.

Tasting samples will open the world of Miskhako wines of limited edition and the best wines of the latest vintages.

All professionals and connoisseurs are welcome to appreciate the success of Russian wine-makers! To book places, please call +7(63)206-11-22, Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House: Pushkinskaya str., 29.

25 March 2013
Bordeaux tasting!

On the 24th of April East European sommeliers and experts Association, Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House and Millenium Company (Moscow) organize a meeting with a wine producer from Bordeaux.

The event is an amazing visit of Bordeaux appellations and tasting of wine from this bright region. The presentation will be guided by a representative of the Dourthe House Nicolas Chemineau.

The tasting will include following wines:

— Chateau Garraud Bordeaux АОС 2012 white dry,
— Chateau de Ricaud Bordeaux АОС 2011 white dry,
— Chateau de Ricaud Bordeaux Superieur АОС 2008 red dry,
— La Terrace de la Guarde Pessac-Leognan АОС 2010 red dry,
— Chateau La Guarde Pessac-Leognan АОС 2006 red dry,
— Château Grand Barrail Lamarzelle Figeac Saint-Emilion Grand Cru 2006 red dry,
— Chateau de Ricaud Loupiac АОС 2003 white sweet.

All of age wine enthusiasts are welcome on the 24th of April at 14.00 in the Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House, Pushkinskaya str., 29. To book places, please, call +7 (863) 206-11-22.

22 March 2013
Step by step around a wine planet

Another level achieved by participant of the educational project of east European Sommeliers and Experts Association Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House.

On the 15th of March 2013 a course of «Wine of France» finished and student said good-bye to each other and their professor, Andrey Ishenko. But not for a long they will come back in April for the course «Wine of Italy».

However, they left some comments to the manager of the project Sokolova Natalya:

Sablina Olga: «Together with a friend we came for lessons as we travel a lot in Europe, taste different wine in Italy, France, Spain. Some of them impress us and we take them home, some stay nor understood. So we wanted to learn to read etiquette as well as our perceptions and to speak correctly of our discoveries. I’ve got a lot of information, and I need to systemize it. So I leave to a trip of France and when I come back, I’ll start with Italy.»

Kasheev Evgeniy: «My wife offered me a certificate for an individual course, but I choose collective lessons. And I think I didn’t lose. From the first evening I preferred a meeting with guys and Andrey to everything. I wait for continuation!»

Krasovskaya Tatyana: «Last November I finished the course of Italian wines, so for the French course I came consciously. It’s a great world to explore! »

Nadezhda Korchagina: «In our Art gallery we plan to make a small bar for the guests to appreciate good drinks. So for me these courses are a compellation of pleasure and use. I’ll keep learning! »

Eroshenko Vadim: «I joined the group as I was looking for the best way to open the land of wine for me. Andrey is a real professor who can explain how to taste and how to listen to my feelings. I will not drop the study.»