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24 May 2019 № 368

Wine Club


Club of wine collectors and wine connoisseurs

Wine collectors and connoisseurs club is the first in South of Russia V.I.P. Club uniting fine wines, whiskey, cognacs and other drinks connoisseurs.

It was created to bring together people who wish to receive all the best from life and attach a particular importance to such notions as exclusiveness, distinction and professionalism. Our club provides for its participants possibilities for regular communication and development of wine erudition.

The club participants meetings are held at least twice a month and are obligatory accompanied by drinks tastings united by a specific theme. In course of tastings the participants estimate the value and the quality of samples, they compare tasting notes and communicate with each other. Wine market professionals, i.e. sommeliers, independent experts, producers also participate in wine tastings. They will not only tell you about the history of drinks making, but also will teach you to understand drinks quality in a professional way.

You can enter the Club absolutely free of charge using one of two ways: fill in a site form and get an invitation from the Club or on its member’s recommendation.

The members of the Club get the club card «Mozart Wine House» which is the evidence of membership and which grant a great variety of privileges to its owner. Particularly it grants the entitlement to get invitations for free participation in élite drinks tastings, possibility of using

the literature from the best wine library in Rostov on Don, participation in master classes, meetings with producers of wine and strong drinks, and then some.

Club members get also the unique possibility of acquiring the wine from «Mozart Wine House» collection at special prices, always being sure of the highest quality of drinks. They receive supplementary preferences as well.

The Club has its own drinks collection formed within more than 10 years by project founders, the wines from this collection are proposed for wine tastings as well. The collection is managed by a special computer program which has no analogues in Russia. It is oriented not on warehouse record keeping, but on the needs of wine cellars owners and allow to monitor information about each bottle kept here: name and origin of wine, place and date of purchase, price, place of storage in cellar, storage potential, awards and ratings.


23 December 2017

New arrivals of wines!

We are glad to present you our own collection of the European wines which are specially selected by our sommeliers and experts at numerous exhibitions and trips in wineries. 

30 April 2017

The summer is coming!

Wine bars Mozart Wine House and French restaurant Pinot Noir invite you to the opening of the spring-summer season.

18 November 2014

New arrivals in Mozart Wine House!

We are happy to inform you that wine bars Mozart Wine House received a new part of delicatessen: fine cheese Brie, aromatic Comte, spicy Murcia al vino, great Italian sausages, jamon of duck breast and much more.