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17 December 2018 № 367

Wine boutiques & bar


Wine boutiques & bar

These are the unique wine and delicatessen boutiques in the south of Russia built in full compliance with wine storage.

Special climate-control system allows to keep a constant year-round air temperature of +14 ° C and humidity of 75%, providing for complete absence of sun light, foreign odors and vibrations.

The company’s collection is kept in the specially constructed wine storage with capacity up to 15 thousand bottles, located at the depth of 10 m under the ground, with ideal conditions, supported naturally at the expense of proper engineering. Wine tastings are held using special system — Vinomatik VoV of EuroCave, increasing the term of wine storage life in the open bottle up to two weeks, which means guarantee of preservation of drinks’ primary organoleptic properties for clients.

Wine and delicatessen boutiques
«Mozart Wine House»

The boutiques assortment include the best wines of world leading wine-making countries carefully selected by experts. Buying wines here, you can be absolutely assured of faultless quality and authentic origin of all production. The work with clients is conducted by skilled experts, graduates of leading European sommelier schools. We cooperate only with the best checked up suppliers and we guarantee optimum prices and professional service.

Besides wines and hard drinks our boutiques offer you a wide range of wine glasses and accessories (decanters, corkscrews, house wine bars, «wine keys», label albums, aroma sets) as well as publications about drinks and gastronomy, cheeses, cigars, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, plantation chocolate and many other things. It is an ideal place for choosing original gifts!

Wine bar «Mozart Wine House»

It is a unique project which has not any analogues in our city. The main essence of the project is to offer a variety of wines and hard drinks satisfying the taste of the most exacting consumer. Classical France, Italy of many faces, expressive Spain, bright and rich wines of the New World, noble cognacs, whisky and other drinks are waiting for you here.

It is important that you are free in your choice: you can take the wine home or drink it here, in a comfortable atmosphere of the bar, accompanied by refined delicatessen without additional extras. The carefully picked out gastronomic specialities from the entire world make an integral part of the bar.

It is a wide palette of noble cheeses and meat delicacies, foie gras, black caviar, truffles, olive oil from private manufacturers, delicate desserts and chocolate, freshest bread baked after old French recipes and much more…


Boutique of wines and delicatessen «Mozart Wine House»
344082, Russia
str. Pushkinskaya, 25
Phone: +7 (863) 206-11-22

Wine bar & boutique of wines and delicatessen «Mozart Wine House»
344010, Russia
str. Pushkinskaya, 112
Phone: +7 (863) 299-92-09


22 December 2017

New arrivals of wines!

We are glad to present you our own collection of the European wines which are specially selected by our sommeliers and experts at numerous exhibitions and trips in wineries. 

29 April 2017

The summer is coming!

Wine bars Mozart Wine House and French restaurant Pinot Noir invite you to the opening of the spring-summer season.

17 November 2014

New arrivals in Mozart Wine House!

We are happy to inform you that wine bars Mozart Wine House received a new part of delicatessen: fine cheese Brie, aromatic Comte, spicy Murcia al vino, great Italian sausages, jamon of duck breast and much more.

09 September 2013

Mozart Wine House gives presents!

From 5 to 30 September, the boutique of wine and delicacies Mozart Wine House, located at Pushkinskaya, 29, announces a win-win action: we give gifts to each buyer at the purchase of 1,000 rubles!

03 July 2013

Special offer on Italian wines!

From the 1st to 31st July the boutiques of wine and delicacies Mozart Wine House offer special 20% discount on all Italian wines.

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